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Our undergraduate admissions counselors are committed to providing you outstanding service and assisting you through CBU's admissions process.

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Taylor Neece

Dean of Admissions
(951) 343-4212

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Greta Anderson

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Recruiting and Outreach
(951) 343-4585

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Bryce Burditt

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Visit & Events
(951) 343-4476

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Lauren Roberts

Director of Communications for Admissions
(951) 343-4931

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Jared Prins

Senior Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 552-8623

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Michaela Meeter

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 343-4230

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Marie King

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 343-5092

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Neal Frank

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 343-4665

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Rachel Ligtenberg

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 343-4789

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Rachel Hom

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 552-8029

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Joe Gemignani

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 552-8122

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Cierra Sao

Undergraduate Admissions Counselor
(951) 343-4872


Marissa Young

Director for International Admissions
(951) 552-8762


For general CBU undergraduate information, call (877) CBU-8866 or send a note to