Application Requirements

Thank you for considering CBU! Our admissions staff strives to make the admissions process enjoyable, informative and easy to complete. Feel free to explore our website for additional information or contact us to ask questions. We look forward to getting to know you along the way!

The fall 2022 applications is open! 

Applying for admission only takes a few simple steps. Click below for a step-by-step guide. You can also follow the tutorial video on how to fill out the undergraduate admissions application by clicking here!

  • 1. Create your CBU application

    If you have already created an account, click here to sign in.

    First-Time Freshman:  Students that are currently enrolled in high school or have completed less than 24 units of transferable college credit.

    Transfer:  Students who have completed 24 or more units of college/university credit.

  • 2. Submit your CBU application
    1. Write a brief a 3–5 paragraph essay response on the following question, "What do you hope to gain from your experience as a student at California Baptist University?" Provide examples from an academic, social and spiritual standpoint.
    2. Pay the $45 application fee (non-refundable) in order to submit your application. 
  • 3. Send us your official transcripts

    First-Time Freshman: Official, sealed transcripts from your high school and college or university (if applicable) and have them sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. We accept electronic transcripts as well as emailed transcripts from a school administrator.

    • Home educated/school students:  Please contact your admissions counselor regarding proper formatting standards for your official transcript.

    Transfer:  Official, sealed transcripts from each college or university attended and have them sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

    • If you have completed less than 60 units of transferable college credit, then you must send proof of high school graduation to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


    *For the Fall 2022 and Fall 2023 semesters, test scores for the SAT/ACT/CLT will not be considered for admission to CBU. However, if you have already taken the SAT/ACT/CLT, you can still submit your scores for English/Math placement.


Application Timeline

The Undergraduate Admissions Office upholds a rolling admission policy, which means that we do not have a set deadline for applying. However, you will not receive your financial aid offer until you have been accepted to CBU and completed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We no longer require letters of recommendation for admission.

All admissions documents must be sent to the attention of the Undergraduate Admissions Office:

Undergraduate Admissions
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside CA, 92504

FAX: (951) 343-4525