Alumni Success Stories



  • Becca Shoup

    Becca Shoup

    Anthropology '14

    "I am a middle school Spanish teacher and every day I interact with students, parents and teachers from a variety of cultural backgrounds, and I truly believe I have more empathy and understanding with them because of my years studying anthropology at CBU."

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  • Daniel Bishop

    Daniel Bishop

    Applied Theology '06

    "The BAT program taught me to love reading (I thought that would never happen), it taught me to love God’s Word, and it taught me discipline. It prepared and equipped me to preach and help lead a great church in Riverside."

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  • Hannah Biltz

    Hannah Biltz

    Aviation Flight '17

    "I have wanted to be a pilot since I was 14 years old, so naturally I wanted to find a university that had aviation majors. At CBU, I liked being a part of something new. We started off as a small group and it was like a family all four years throughout the program."

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