Tuition and Fees



Please refer to the Proof of Financial Support section of the application requirements for instructions to complete the financial documentation requirement of your application.


Estimated Annual Expenses to Meet the I-20 Financial Requirement (2020–2021)
Tuition (13–18 units) $33,930
Fees $5,300
Housing and Meal Plan* $12,070
Miscellaneous Living Expenses (textbooks, supplies, etc.) $3,700
I-20 Financial Requirement $55,000

*This is the cost for shared-occupancy housing and includes Meal Plan H (190 swipes and $350 dining dollars per semester). Other meal plan options are available.   

Additional Program Fees

If you are in one of these programs, please add this program fee to determine your new I-20 Financial Requirement.

Architecture $2,700
Computer Science Engineering $1,280
Construction Management $1,280
Engineering $2,960
Journalism & New Media $260
Nursing (BSN) $3,510 
Nutrition & Food Sciences $840
Music $3,920



Please refer to the Proof of Financial Support section of the application requirements for instructions to complete the financial documentation requirement of your application. 


I-20 Financial Requirement = Tuition and Fees by Program + Living Expenses 
Estimated Living Expenses
Fall, Spring or Summer (one semester) $6,350
Fall and Spring (two semesters) $12,700
Fall, Spring and Summer (three semesters) $19,050

Living Expenses estimates include room, board, textbooks, and miscellaneous supplies.


Total Tuition and Fees by Program (2020-2021)
Applied Mathematics** $14,830
Architecture** $32,990
Athletic Training $24,095
Biomedical Sciences $35,600
Information Technology Management $22,169
Business Administration $28,295
Education $20,015
Higher Education Leadership & Student Development $15,545
English $19,055
Kinesiology $20,981
Music** $21,970
Worship Arts** $26,839
Nursing (EL-MSN) $47,148
Nursing (BSN-MSN) $23,418
Physician Assistant Studies $54,920
Counseling Psychology $22,175
Forensic Psychology $29,540
Industrial & Organizational Psychology $23,465
Sport & Performance Psychology $23,419
Public Health $24,767
Speech-Language Pathology $28,220
Social Work** $25,390
Leadership and Management $16,085
Engineering (Coming Fall 2021)** $16,150

All costs are for fall, spring and summer semesters.
**Indicates cost is for fall and spring only.

Intensive English Program Tuition & Fees 
If you are offered joint admission to your primary program and the Intensive English Program (IEP) then you will need to demonstrate the financial requirements for your primary program and not IEP.

Tuition (12-13 units) $10,500
Fees  $5,300
Per Year (Fall & Spring Semesters)

$437.50 per unit

Undergraduate Living Expenses 

Per Year (Fall & Spring Semesters) 

Housing and Meal Plan* (excluding summer) $12,070
Miscellaneous Living Expenses (textbooks, supplies, etc.) $3,700
I-20 Financial Requirement $31,570

*This is the cost for shared-occupancy housing and includes Meal Plan H (190 swipes and $350 dining dollars per semester). Other meal plan options are available.   

Graduate Estimated Living Expenses
Per Year (Fall & Spring Semesters)

Fall and Spring (two semesters) $12,700
I-20 Financial Requirement $28,500


At this time, CBU does not issue I-20's at the doctorate level, therefore all programs below are taught online with varying residency requirements. Please note, I-20's are not issued for these programs.

Leadership $650 per unit (58 units)
Social Work $950 per unit (48 Units)



  • Health Insurance
    • International students at CBU are required to have our Health Insurance
    • Health Insurance is already included in the Fees above
    • Health Insurance coverage is year round (12 months)
    • Students are automatically enrolled into the Health Insurace


    More information:

    • Healthcare Type
      • Your Insurance is a PPO (Prefered Provider Organization) 
      • You can go to any doctor or specialist without a referral and can change doctors at any time.
      • "In network" vs. "out of network": Stay "in network" to avoid excess costs.

        • "In network" means providers are contracted with UHCSR. You can check to see if a provider is in network by looking up their name under Provider Lookup at There is no deductible for in-network providers.
        • "Out of network" means they do not have a contract with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources.
    • Definitions
      • Deductible: The amount that must be paid out of pocket and met before the insurance will pay benefits
      • Co-payment: A set amount that must be paid at time of service
      • Co-insurance: A shared percentage amount that is required for certain services. Some providers require this be paid at time of service and others will bill you later for the amount.
    • Where do I go if I get sick or hurt? 
      When requesting medical treatment or filling a prescription you will be required to provide the following:
      • Health insurance card
      • Student ID card (when visiting CBU health center)
      • Co-payment


      CBU Health Center
      Located in at 3626 Monroe Street, Riverside, CA 92504
      Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m.5:30 p.m.
      Phone: (951) 321-6520 or dial ext. 8811 from on campus
      No appointment necessary for illness or sickness.
      Must make appointment for well care.
      $15 co-pay

This is not a comprehensive list. Additional fees may apply. The university reserves the right, with or without notice, to change tuition and fees when necessary.

An updated list of tuition and fees for the 2020–2021 academic year is available here.