InsideCBU is the official webportal for CBU students and employees. You will need to be logged in to InsideCBU to use most of its features. Once logged in, you will have access to resources tailored to your needs while you are a student at CBU. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you also have links to your student LancerMail account, which will be CBU's primary method of contacting you after you have enrolled in classes, and BlackBoard, which many professors have integrated into their courses. If you have any problems logging into BlackBoard, please try this Introduction to BlackBoard


InsideCBU Login Help

When accepted to CBU, you received a password and username for InsideCBU and LancerMail. Once you are logged in, you have the option to change your password by clicking the "Password Change" tab on the left side of the screen.

If you are unable to login, you can also use the "Password Change" tab. If that is unsuccessful or if you have any other problems logging in, please contact the Information and Technology Services Help Desk at or 951.343.4444.

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