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  • Brittni Hall

    Brittni Hall

    Applied Mathematics, M.S. '17

    "The work was much more difficult than what I studied in my time as an undergraduate, and the material stretched my mind and challenged me in ways I hadn’t been before. I learned valuable lessons in hard work and persistence through my classes and through my research endeavors."

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  • Jessica Alzen

    Jessica Alzen

    English, M.A. '07

    "The deep study of literature from all over the world opened my eyes to different lived experiences. I became a more critical thinker because of the ways I was challenged in several of my master’s courses."

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  • Laura Curley

    Laura Curley

    School Psychology, M.S. '12

    "CBU paved the way for a successful internship and a strong foundation for my first year as a school psychologist. I completed fieldwork in the three local school districts around CBU during my practicum hours. After graduation, I had the opportunity to work as a substitute psychologist for a year in a neighboring school district before obtaining a permanent position in my desired school district."

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  • Joseph Luat

    Joseph Luat

    Athletic Training, M.S. '10 

    "There are many things to love about my job. I think one of the things that keeps me coming back is just the love of the game. I really enjoy being in a team atmosphere and being able to have a part to play in the success of a team."

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