In applying to colleges, there are many dates to remember along the continuum to admission. Mark the ones below in your calendar to stay on track.

Important Dates and Deadlines

TBD: 2024–2025 FAFSA available
December 1: Admissions priority application date
January 4: Spring payment due date
January 8: Spring classes begin
January 16: Last day to add a class (spring)
January 22: Last day to drop a class with a refund (spring)

May 1: Students may apply for private loans and parents may apply for Parent PLUS Loans
June 15: Priority deadline for verification documentation
August 7: Fall payment due date
September 3: Fall classes begin
September 10: Last day to add a class (fall)
September 17: Last day to drop a class with a refund (fall)

FAFSA Assistance

Have questions about the FAFSA?

The 2024-2025 FAFSA will be opening later this year. Please visit the Apply For Aid page for more information and check for future updates.

Top 10 Financial Aid Questions

For more information about the FAFSA process at CBU, please visit the Apply For Aid page.

You should receive a financial aid award estimate within approximately two weeks after you have been accepted to the university. You can view your financial aid offer through InsideCBU,

You must have your FAFSA completed and your GPA submitted to the California Student Aid Commission. For more information you may go online to

Yes! If you are a first-time freshman and did not qualify for Cal Grant your first year, you may apply again for the next year by completing your FAFSA and returning to your high school to have them verify and submit your GPA again.

If you have more than 24 college credits, complete your FAFSA and visit the Office of the Registrar for GPA verification.

The G8 form is the “High School Graduation Certification” which you can access online by creating an account and logging into This form ensures that you graduated from a California high school. Note: Completion of the High School Graduation Certification Form can only be completed after you graduate high school. For more information on Cal Grant related requirements, click here.

The G6 form is the “Transfer Entitlement Certification” which you can access online by creating an account and logging into This form ensures that you attended a community college in 2023–2024 and will be attending a bachelor’s-granting institution in 2024–2025.

For the 2024–2025 incoming class, students will need to complete the “Confirmation of School of Attendance” also located on You can either confirm or change your school of attendance which is required for the school to see your Cal Grant award in their system.

The Department of Education randomly selects about one out of three FAFSAs for this process. You need to go to InsideCBU > Financial Aid > Student Forms to create an account and complete ALL necessary documentation. Instructions are included within the Verify My FAFSA webpage.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance at or call (951) 343-4236.

Contact the Financial Aid Office for assistance at or call (951) 343-4236.

We highly encourage you to apply for scholarships from outside organizations. Ask your high school counselors or the CBU Financial Aid Office for websites to help your search.

CBU offers a payment plan. You may sign up on the Student Accounts tab on InsideCBU and click on “Go to CASHNet.”

Your parents can apply for a Parent PLUS Loan to cover your remaining costs of education. This is credit-based loan offered by the Department of Education for parents of dependent undergraduate students. The interest rate is fixed at 8.05%. Find the application online at

Private loans are an alternative option after students have applied for federal loans and scholarships. These credit-based loans are for dependent or independent students and may require a creditworthy cosigner. Interest rates may be variable or fixed with various payment options. Information is available on InsideCBU > Financial Aid > Undergrad > Loan Information.

You can apply to be part of the work study program, where you’ll work on campus in part-time employment. Students must find employment on their own, and will qualify for the work study program based on need. At CBU, federal work study is government funding allotted to CBU in order to assist in offsetting the cost of student worker wages to CBU departments. Wages earned are paid to the student as regular paychecks.

The Master Promissory Note is a legal document between you (the borrower) and the Department of Education that states you want to use the federal student loan offered to you and that you agree to pay it back.

You complete this document online at

The Financial Aid Office cannot request the loan funds on your behalf without this document and will be notified electronically when the form is completed.

Entrance counseling is an interactive session that you complete online to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of a Federal Direct Loan.

Entrance counseling is also a requirement of the Department of Education, and the Financial Aid Office will be notified when you have completed the session.

Contact Financial Aid

Phone: (951) 343-4236
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Yeager Center, Room D118
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504