The following is a list of basic requirements for general computer use, Blackboard access, and successful completion of online courses.

Computer PC or Mac with Internet access
Operating System PC Users: Windows 7 or newer
Mac Users: OS X 10.5 or newer

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended Web browsers for Blackboard; Internet Explorer (PC) and Safari (Mac) tend to cause browsing issues within Blackboard. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are both fully certified by Blackboard for use with their system.

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can be downloaded for free at the following links:

Download Firefox

Download Google Chrome

For specific browser and operating requirements, go to: Blackboard Support
RAM 4 GB or higher
Internet High Speed Internet
Sound Card Recommended with speakers
Plug Ins

The following browser plug-ins are highly recommended:

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is used to view and print PDF documents.
Free Download

Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash is used to enable specific animations and interactive modules within a Web browser.
Free Download

Apple QuickTime Player
Apple QuickTime is used to play media files that have the extension MOV.
Free Download
Note: The Pro version of QuickTime is not required.

Java technology is used by a large number of Web sites and portals, including Blackboard.
Free Download

VLC for Mac OS X (Mac Users Only)
The VLC Media Player gives Mac users the ability to view Windows Media files (e.g., WMA and WMV files).
Free Download

Office Suite

PC: Microsoft Office 2013

Mac: Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac or newer

Note: Newer versions of Microsoft Office may be required for certain courses. Please contact your instructor(s) for details.


Ensure that the Cookie setting under the Preferences tab is set to "Accept All Cookies."

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