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School of Performing Arts Handbooks

In these handbooks, you’ll find in-depth information about the Collinsworth School of Performing Arts: four-year plans of study, course descriptions, overviews of degree programs and information about everything from scholarships, auditions, teacher credential programs, to student recitals.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

  • Graduate Handbook


Stay on Schedule and Finish on Time

One of the most important keys to success as a professional musician is the ability to start a task, stay on schedule, and successfully complete it in time. The Collinsworth School of Performing Arts is committed to our students' academic success and wants to help them navigate their time successfully at CBU.

In the links below, there are PDF documents for each degree program in the School of Performing Arts. These plans demonstrate the ideal schedule for music classes across a four-year plan. It is critically important that students follow these plans as closely as possible. Decisions regarding class schedules, rotations, and facilities take into consideration these schedules and which students need given classes in a specific semester. If a student follows these plans and completes the additional General Education courses (not included in these plans), he will graduate in four semesters.

Four-Year Degree Plans

Stay on Schedule and Finish on Time