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At the Collinsworth School, we have structured our programs, culture, and philosophy on a specific set of convictions:

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Our Mission: That which constitutes the “win” of our organization

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Our Vision: A living picture toward which we are growing

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Our Values: Key principles we corporately hold significant that inform and dictate culture

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Our Character: Habitually-practiced attitudes and behaviors that we teach, require, exemplify, and celebrate

The MISSION we embrace ...

... to inspire students to the highest standards of craft and character, preparing them to impact the world through careers in the performing arts.

The VISION we live ...

… a spiritually-vibrant community where top-tier academic and artistic preparation converges with intentional personal and professional development.

The VALUES we hold ...

The CHARACTER we teach ...

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Diligence vs. Laziness

Applying my full heart, energy, and effort to my life's work

Delivery vs. Self-Excusal

Overcoming ALL obstacles to finishing ANY task with which I'm entrusted, no matter the challenge or lack of resources


Perseverance vs. Quitting

Faithfully investing in what's most important, especially prior to witnessing results

Extra-Mile Effort vs. Adequacy

Distinguishing myself by consistently going beyond what is required of me


Preparation vs. “Winging It”

Investing the necessary research and rehearsal to successfully execute in life’s performances

Responsibility vs. Abdication

Owning the duties and accountability associated with the people, tasks, and possessions placed in my care


Dependability vs. Unreliability

Earning the confidence of those around me by consistently meeting their expectations

Initiative vs. Procrastination

Taking the first step toward seizing an opportunity or meeting a need without prompting or provocation


Problem-Solving vs. Unproductivity

Utilizing my energies to offer well-researched, creative solutions to inevitable daily challenges (rather than creating drama through regurgitations of already apparent problems)

Excellence vs. Mediocrity

Executing an endeavor with superior quality


Professionalism vs. Amateurism

The consistent execution of excellence in a chosen discipline

Intentionality vs. Impulsiveness

Using pre-determined vision and long-game objectives instead of instinctual impulses to govern my daily decisions


Leadership vs. Passivity

Influencing those around me by exemplifying and championing successful behavior

Discretion vs. Foolishness

Considering my words and actions prior to their execution so as to not incur unintended consequences


Inspiration vs. Domination

Harnessing the power of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, instead of fear and guilt, to challenge people to greatness

Organization vs. Chaos

Constructing my time, activities, possessions, and responsibilities in a systematic fashion as to maximize productivity


Enthusiasm vs. Apathy

Establishing my personal commitment to an idea, cause, or endeavor with the passionate energy I give to its expression and/or execution

Clarity vs. Ambiguity

Avoiding conflict, confusion, and unproductivity by ensuring that all information and expectations are clearly understood


Teachability vs. Self-Sufficiency

Knowing that there is something I can learn from everyone I encounter and demonstrating an eagerness to do so

Self-Discipline vs. Self-Indulgence

Exercising restraint and/or effort today so I don’t have to experience regret and consequences tomorrow


Courage vs. Cowardice

Boldly embracing the frightening or unnatural for the purpose of personal growth and professional effectiveness

Creativity vs. Monotony

Employing the power of the 'new' to reflect the inspiration and glory of God


Attentiveness vs. Disinterest

Affirming the value of an individual by giving exclusive attention to their words, emotions, and personal needs

Encouragement vs. Criticism

Looking for, recognizing, and celebrating the growth and successes of those around me


Kindness vs. Rudeness

Extending attitudes of gentleness and warmth, especially in moments of interpersonal tension

Deference vs. Entitlement

Limiting my freedom as not to offend the convictions, conscience, or preferences of others


Respect vs. Disregard

Understanding the value and position of those in my life and giving honor, significance, and submission accordingly

Patience vs. Agitation

Peacefully enduring the irritations and imperfections of others


Loyalty vs. Betrayal

Supporting and protecting the vision, values, and reputation of those I love and serve

Gratitude vs. Privilege

Expressing, through attitudes and gestures, sincere thanks to those who have invested in my life


Positivity vs. Negativity

Viewing all my circumstances as opportunities for growth and exhibiting an optimistic attitude in the midst of challenge

Conviction vs. Ambivalence

Establishing personal beliefs that cannot be compromised no matter the consequences


Flexibility vs. Rigidity

A willingness to embrace unanticipated opportunities or directives even when they conflict with my preferences or plans

Integrity vs. Corruption

Guarding God’s mission for my life by living above reproach in the eyes of my community and culture


Honesty vs. Deception

Preserving the trust of others by speaking and living the truth without trickery, manipulation, or spin

Humility vs. Arrogance

Living with the understanding that my accomplishments and my potential are ultimately due to God’s gifts and others’ investments in me


Servanthood vs. Self-Serving

Consistently giving of my time, energies, and resources to meet the needs of those around me

Wisdom vs. Myopia

Understanding the optics of life through the lens of the divine


Grace vs. Accusation

Gifting to others (moment by moment) the same mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance with which Christ has gifted me

Joy vs. Hopelessness

Understanding that, through all my circumstances, God is working for my good and for His glory


Faith vs. Disbelief

Living in the reality of what God has promised even prior to witnessing its fulfillment

Love vs. Selfishness

Choosing the glory of God and the good of others over self-gratification, self-interest, and self-glory