Are you interested in earning a degree in the following engineering fields?

Biomedical engineering. Chemical engineering. Civil engineering. Construction management. Electrical and computer engineering. Mechanical engineering.

Would you like to start your career sooner than later?

Want to spend less on tuition and jump start your earning potential?

The Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering at California Baptist University is proud to offer an accelerated program that will allow you to earn your Bachelor of Science degree in as little as 3 years!

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  • High school seniors accepted to CBU engineering who have taken AP Calculus AB exam with a score of 4 or above (or AP Calculus BC with a score of 3 or above) and two other AP subjects valid for degree requirements in the college of engineering at CBU.
  • STEM-minded, highly-motived, and hard-working high school sophomore and junior students who are planning to pursue an engineering degree.
  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars on tuition and other expenses.
  • Giving yourself a jump-start on your professional career.
  • Allowing you to advance earlier into a post-graduate degree.
  • Increasing your lifetime income by starting to work one year earlier.
  • Being seen by your future employer as dedicated and having high potential for success.
  • Inform your CBU admission counselor that you would like to pursue a 3-year BS degree in an engineering major.
  • Send your AP or CLEP scores to CBU.
  • Develop an academic plan to be reviewed and approved by your department chair before your first week of class at CBU. See sample 3-year plans below for BME, ChE, CE, CM, ECE, and ME
  • Work with your faculty academic advisor who will monitor your progress and help you resolve schedule conflicts throughout the next three years.
  • Expect to take a full load of 17-18 units of courses each semester.
  • You will possibly need to take courses during the summer after your first and/or third year(s).
  • A required 200-hour internship will mostly likely take place during the summer after your 2nd year.  Therefore students on the 3-year plan might not be able to use that summer to take courses.

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Armando Chacon

CBU’s College of Engineering is the only school that I am aware of that it would have been possible to complete an engineering degree in 3 years. Not only was it possible to do this but ECE faculty helped make my goal a reality.

Armando Chacon, 2020

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List of Valid AP Courses (From CBU 2018-2019 Catalog)
List of CLEP Courses (From CBU 2018-2019 Catalog) 

Summer courses available at CBU

For the 3-year engineering programs (subject to change)

  • Major requirements: EGR232 (Term 1), PHY201 (Term 1), PHY203 (Term 2)
  • Science elective: BIO143, 146, 153 (Term 1)
  • General education: CST110 (Term 1), POL213 (Term 1), CST130 (Term 2), ICS105, 305 (Term 2)