At the Jabs School of Business, we value the next generation of business leaders and have created a mechanism to connect our students with Christian business professionals. Mentors commit to meeting in person with mentees, checking in on them throughout the month, praying for their mentees and attending one field trip each semester.

  • PURPOSE: The purpose of the Titus Mentoring Group (TMG) is to provide a platform and interface to instigate and nurture mentoring relationships. Following the models presented by Paul in the book of Titus and other epistles, we seek to prepare students for the challenges they will encounter to remain in their faith in a culture that is hostile to the things of God. 
  • OBJECTIVES: TMG will serve both mentors and mentees in the following ways:
Mentors Mentees
Serve as a role model for aspiring professionals Gain practical insights about faith in the marketplace
Share expertise and experiences Practice networking and other soft skills
Become a mentor and coach Take business field trips with professional exposure
Learn about themselves and their work Learn about themselves and their future work
Help an emerging business leader grow in Christ Grow in Christ as an emerging business leader
  • MEETINGS: The TMG program runs from September to April of each academic year (AY). Mentors are to be available from August to May for training and debriefing sessions. The program calendar is as follows:
Month Event
September Mentors and mentees announced and connected
October Fall Field Trip / Professional Activity
March Spring Field Trip / Professional Activity
April Applications distributed for participation in following academic year;
Available to current freshmen through juniors;
Deadline is last day of class for current academic year
April Closing event and send off
May Mentor feedback

Requirements of Mentors

  • Mentors must be of Christian faith.
  • Mentors must attend a local church.
  • Mentors must be currently working in the marketplace (or be recently active in the business world).
  • Mentors must make a 10-month commitment from August to May.
  • Mentors must be willing to devote to monthly one-on-one time with a CBU Jabs School of Business student; in-person visits should be prioritized.
  • Mentors are expected to pray for student mentee during the year.

Requirements of Mentees

  • Mentees must be Jabs School of Business students.
  • Mentees must make an 8-month commitment from September to April.
  • Mentees must be willing to devote monthly one-on-one time with a Titus Mentor; in-person visits should be prioritized.
  • Mentees must agree to participate in field trips as course schedules allow.
  • Mentees must initiate contact with mentors within three days of receiving contact information.

General Program Elements

At the first meeting mentors are expected to identify the needs and desires from this program for the mentee and try to set in motion action items for both parties to work on until you meet again. All subsequent meetings should follow this format and each meeting should include a time of  prayer.

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet monthly over coffee/lunch/dinner to discuss progress/needs of student. Mentors are also encouraged to reach out at other times during the month to check on students by phone/text/email in order to keep communication open. Mentors should look for ways for the mentee to connect within the community, i.e. chamber of commerce meetings, introductions to others in their field of interest, etc.

Sound Good? 

If you’d like to participate either as a mentor (alumni are welcome!) or a mentee, please email the Titus Mentoring Group facilitators with your interest. We collect applications in April of every year for pairings for the following academic year.

Contact the School of Business

Dean: Dr. Tim Gramling
Administrative Assistant: Delores Washington
Phone: (951) 343-4329

8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504