The Dazed Starling contains student submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction works. These pieces explore the breadth of the human experience—from the depths of despair and human error to the joy of love both human and divine, from painful brokenness to the hope of redemption—and it is hope of the editors that God may be glorified in the creative efforts found here. 

The Dazed Starling celebrates the struggles of writers seeking to leave an impact on the world. A Dazed Starling, no matter their experience, understands that writing isn’t easy, that perfection is preposterous, and that publication is courageous and necessary. What better way to teach about life than to write and share it with the masses? 

The Dazed Starling seeks creatives who strive to express their innermost thoughts in tangible forms, be it through fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, or art. We accept a wide variety of content and genres. Just as Christians do not turn away from the harsh realities of life, a Dazed Starling should feel free to write about injustices, despair, and the grotesque, as well as triumphs, adventures, and hope.

So we call upon our authors, our artists, our Dazed Starlings. Take this first step into the publishing world. Embrace the struggle. Conquer your fears. Let us guide you to the stage where you can present your works, and, through your God-given talents, teach your audience about the world.

The Dazed Starling Print Edition

The Dazed Starling student literary journal is published every spring in a print edition. It contains creative work from current students. For more information, check the Dazed Starling blog.

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The Dazed Starling: Unbound

The Dazed Starling: Unbound is an online publication of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at California Baptist University. Its goal is to extend CBU’ s Dazed Starling student literary journal’ s mission by offering an additional publication opportunity open not only to current CBU students but also to faculty, alumni, and friends of the university. The Dazed Starling: Unbound also seeks to extend the creative voice of The Dazed Starling student literary journal with additional emphasis on visual arts.

Each edition is thematic, and theme for the inaugural edition of The Dazed Starling: Unbound is “unbound. ” In these pages we have welcomed various interpretations of this theme, including, but not limited to, the exploration of freedom, what sets us free, taking flight, the unlimited, escape from confinement (literal and figurative), going beyond expectation, etc.

Read The Dazed Starling: Unbound here.

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