Online Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Deliver compassionate, faith-influenced leadership through guidance in contexts involving individuals, couples and families.

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Find Purpose Through Connection, Listening and Leadership

Many seek out a kind, listening ear. Sometimes, that’s simply to have someone unbiased to talk to. In others, this entails looking for informed, compassionate guidance to strengthen personal and familial bonds and uncover a pathway toward positive habits and healthful relationships. Become this light of leadership through service to others with California Baptist University’s online Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program.

Combining a mix of synchronous and asynchronous coursework with clinical hours, this program prepares you to seek licensure as a marriage and family therapist (LMFT) or professional clinical counselor (LPCC). In the process, you’ll gain a firm perspective of psychological science and its applications, including helping individuals, couples and families lead more fruitful lives and address relational difficulties.

68 Units

*62-68 units

24 Months to Completion

*with a full-time course load

$800 +fees Cost Per Unit

*Based on current academic year. Subject to change.


Why Earn a Master’s in Counseling Psychology at CBU?

Many view you as a source of direction and logical guidance. You’re someone firmly standing upon your faith — utilizing its teachings to inform and shape your life. You may have majored in psychology or a related area as an undergraduate, and now, in looking ahead, you’re interested in a career applying faith and psychological science to illuminate the path forward.

CBU’s online Master’s in Counseling Psychology:

What You'll Learn

Through 60 to 66 units, the online Master’s in Counseling Psychology covers:

Program Details

CBU structures the online M.S. in Counseling Psychology using a virtual hybrid format. This combines a synchronous, high-definition online environment where students interact with each other and their instructors in real time. This is paired with asynchronous courses in an accelerated format where you’ll progress at your own pace. This combination allows for more meaningful, supportive relationships with your peers and mentorship from faculty, helping you strengthen interpersonal bonds and grow your professional network.

Along with all coursework, the online Master’s in Counseling Psychology has a clinical component. You’ll complete 24 hours of individual therapy or 50 hours of group therapy under the supervision of a licensed psychotherapist in an off-campus location.

PSY 500: Diversity Issues in Counseling Psychology

Examination of the effects of therapeutic interventions on culturally distinct populations.

PSY 505: MFT Counseling Theory

The student is introduced to the theoretical foundations of Family Systems Theory, Behaviorism, Humanism, Existentialism and Psychoanalytic Theory.

PSY 535: Advanced Psychopathology

Nature and causes of reactions to social, biological and psychological stress, maladaptive development and faulty learning. Includes an in-depth study of anxiety disorders, character personality and the psychoses.

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Consistent with the university student outcomes, upon completion of the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology degree, graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify systemic clinical concerns based on both client presentations as well as consider issues like trauma, crisis, and substance abuse as motivators to begin marriage and family therapy treatment.
  2. Utilize a relational understanding of psychopathology and incorporate relational assessment to develop an accurate diagnostic framework upon which to base marriage and family therapy treatment. 
  3. Develop evidence-based treatment plans tailored to address client concerns as well as incorporate clinical assessment and diagnosis in marriage and family therapy treatment.
  4. Evaluate a variety of foundational and contemporary family theories and therapy models and interventions.
  5. Apply current laws and ethical issues affecting marriage and family therapists.
  6. Apply knowledge of research, evidence-based treatments, and basic strategies for evaluating research relevant to the practice of marriage and family therapy.
  7. Apply worldview framework and its application to the practice of marriage and family therapy.
  8. Integrate foundational and contemporary models of counseling into treatment plans and case conceptualization.*

*Specific to PCC concentration

Thomas Frederick, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Online Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Coordinator

Office Phone: 951-343-2191
Office Location: James Rm 130

Susan Purrington, Psy.D.

Professor of Psychology

Office Phone: 951-343-3998

Mischa Routon, PhD

Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean of Faculty Development, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Director, Master in Counseling Psychology program

Office Phone: 951-343-4206
Office Location: W.E. James Building, Room 110

Is financial aid available to help pay for online programs?
Our online degrees offer a reputable and more affordable option for earning your bachelor’s, master's or doctorate degree. When pursuing an online degree, students are freed from the financial obligations that accompany some traditional degrees, such as room accommodations, gas and parking. Additionally, CBU has partnered with select employers to provide their employees with the opportunity to improve their career through their educational goals and receive a 20% tuition scholarship. Learn more about tuition and financial aid.

Are CBU's online programs accredited? 
California Baptist University (CBU), which includes all programs offered online, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Many prospective students are uncertain about which college degrees employers or universities will accept. This regional accreditation by WSCUC means you can be confident that your CBU degree is recognized and respected by schools and companies across the country.

What resources do I need to complete my degree online?
To complete your online degree, you will need access to a computer, Wi-Fi and a word processor like Microsoft Word. These are necessary to access the student learning system and complete your assignments. Some programs may require different resources. Check with your enrollment counselor for specific expectations upon applying for your program, or you can view additional information here.

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When you complete and submit your application to CBU, a friendly and knowledgeable admissions counselor will guide you through the admissions process and all the necessary steps to become a Lancer.

CBU accepts applications for online enrollment throughout the year, and most online degree programs can start at 6 semester entry points per calendar year.

2024 Online Semester Classes Begin
Spring 2024 - Session 2 March 4
Summer 2024 - Session 1 May 6
Summer 2024 - Session 2 July 1
Fall 2024 - Session 1 September 2
Fall 2024 - Session 2 October 28

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Addressing mental health and providing informed guidance allow everyone to uncover their best selves and go forth to support others in their family unit and community. Growing attention to these effects, as well as the relationship between mental and physical health, is fueling demand for trained counselors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions for substance abuse, behavior disorder and mental health counselors are expected to increase 22% between 2021 and 2031. Marriage and family therapists, meanwhile, are predicted to see 14% more roles over the same period.

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Harness your caring nature and desire to see others succeed in CBU’s online M.S. in Counseling Psychology program. To fulfill your purpose and glorify God through your vocation, request additional information today, or start your application.