Consistent with the university student outcomes, upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply fundamental principles of leadership theory in an organizational setting.
  2. Evaluate and apply skills and strategies associated with personal leadership.
  3. Apply communication theories, strategies, and processes to a modern organizational structure.
  4. Evaluate ethical frameworks and develop principles and habits for Biblically based leadership practices.
  5. Evaluate the decision-making process to enhance the probability of implementing better decisions.
  6. Examine how leadership can define and think about culture.
  7. Apply fundamental concepts relating to group dynamics, group decision making, and interpersonal conflict and negotiations in an organizational setting.
  8. Analyze concepts related to employee engagement, small/global management of human resources, employment law features, and positive employee relations.
  9. Synthesize various concepts effecting organizational behavior and design including individual behavior, group behavior, processes, and change management.
  10. Explore and apply a logical framework approach to strategic project management.