1. When do classes meet?
The graduate program in music is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. Typically, classes are held Monday through Thursday in the late afternoon and evening. Courses are not offered in the summer semester.

2. How many students are in the typical class?
M.M. class sizes are purposefully kept small, with no more than 17 students per class. We offer an excellent faculty/student ratio, allowing our students to have direct access to and the personalized attention of their instructors.

3. Are scholarships available?
Scholarships are available for students who participate in performance groups. If you are interested in qualifying for a performance scholarship, please contact the School of Performing Arts to schedule an audition.

4. What are the program's entry dates and application deadline?
The M.M. program accepts students for the fall (September) and spring (January) semesters. Learn more information about application requirements and deadlines here

5. What are the prerequisites?
Applicants should possess a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music from a regionally accredited college or university before applying for the M.M. Students who do not hold an undergraduate in Music will be required to complete pre-requisite coursework before taking masters-level courses.

6. What is the GPA/GRE requirement?
Applicants must have a GPA of at least 2.75 to be considered for conditional admission. The GRE is not required for candidates with a GPA of 2.75 or above.

7. How long does the program take?
The length of the program varies for each student depending on course load. Students attending full-time each semester can complete the program in approximately 2 years. 

8. What conducting and performance opportunities do you offer MM students?
M.M. students enrolled in the performance program have the opportunity join and perform in the CBU Choir and Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and other instrumental ensembles. They are required to complete a final recital as part of their graduate experience. The conducting curriculum offers students the opportunity to conduct CBU's various vocal and instrumental groups. For their final project, conducting majors select varied repertoire representing multiple genres, conducting choral and instrumental groups performing such selections.

9. If I pursue the performance degree, may I study with the instructor of my choice?