I have a question about the TEAS exam.
"Where can I sign up for the TEAS?"
Click here. 

"I've signed up for the TEAS but I have not received instructions."
You will be sent instructions 24-48 hours before the exam.

I have a question about the NursingCAS application.
"I have questions regarding my NursingCAS application. Who can I talk to?"
Please refer to our application workshop and office hours. Information can be found here.

"How do the letters of recommendation work?" 
You will submit your recommenders' email addresses in your application. NursingCAS will email them instructions on how to submit a letter. 

"Do I need to show proof of volunteer hours?"
You may upload verification to your application if you have it. If not, please list your supervisor's name and phone number so we may contact them if needed.

Do I have to have certain vaccines for the program?
CBU does not require vaccinations to be a student here. However, the hospitals that our BSN students visit for their clinical hours require vaccinations (including COVID, TDAP, flu, etc.).

What is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program?
The purpose of the baccalaureate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is to provide a curriculum that will broaden the theoretical knowledge base of the learner in preparation for an entry-level professional nursing practice and possibility of graduate nursing study. If you currently have a non-nursing bachelor's degree and are looking to transition into nursing, please consider the EL MSN program.

How long is the entire program?
4 years, 4 1/2 years, or 5 years depending on completion of prerequisite courses and other degree requirements. 

Am I required to attend an Information Session?
We highly recommend you RSVP to attend an information session as we discuss pertinent details of the program and clarify admission guidelines, prerequisite courses, financial aid, etc.

Is this program accredited?
The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has approved the program. CBU is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The baccalaureate degree program in nursing at California Baptist University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org). 

Are you on a semester or quarter system?
CBU has three semesters: fall, spring, and summer. The BSN program only has classes during the spring and fall semesters.

How much does the program cost?
In addition to the tuition costs, there is a nursing program fee per semester. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees page for specific costs. Additional expenses will be required to maintain clinical clearance. This amount does not include room, board or textbooks. 

Does admission as a pre-nursing student guarantee acceptance to the BSN program?
No, pre-nursing students must apply to the College of Nursing and meet the other admissions criteria for consideration.

When do classes start for the BSN program?
Classes start in the spring semester (January) and the fall semester (September) of each year. 

Once I complete the prerequisites and other degree requirements, how long is the nursing program?
The nursing program is 6 semesters for a total of 3 years. Nursing classes are in session September through April; classes are not offered during the summer semester.

When do you schedule classes and clinical hours?
The BSN classes are offered weekdays with possible weekend, evening, or early morning clinical hours. Students are expected to be available as schedules vary each semester. 

Do you have an accelerated BSN program?
We do not have an accelerated baccalaureate program at this time.

Do you offer the program part-time or online?
Currently the program is only offered full-time; we do not offer an online option.

If I meet all of the requirements will I be accepted to the program?
We have more qualified students than spaces available in the BSN program. Meeting the requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the program. 

What is the College of Nursing's reputation in the community?
The College of Nursing has an excellent reputation in the community as does the university. We anticipate our graduates will be actively recruited by local and state health care providers. CBU is the first four-year regionally and nationally accredited university in the County of Riverside to be approved for such a program.

What is the program's NCLEX pass rate?
A high percentage of our students pass the NCLEX exam on the first attempt. The most current BSN program pass rates can be found on the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) website: http://www.rn.ca.gov/education/passrates.shtml

Will I be required to complete clinical rotation hours as part of the program?
Yes, all BSN students are required to participate in clinical practicum hours as mandated by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). The CBU College of Nursing meets or exceeds all clinical hour requirements.

Can I work while I am in the BSN program?
Applicants are advised that the program requires a very intensive, full-time commitment. It is recommended that you dedicate an adequate amount of time to studying before deciding to work while preparing for licensure.

When will I become a nurse?
Upon successful completion of the program, you will prepare for the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to become licensed as a Registered Nurse.

How will this degree prepare me to better serve patients?
Studies show BSN and Master's prepared nurses are more likely to demonstrate professional behaviors important to patient safety including:

  • better clinical judgment
  • critical thinking skills and problem solving
  • performance of complex functions
  • effective communication
  • early detection of complications and problems in care

Which clinical affiliations do you work with? (partial list)
To ensure students receive a variety of clinical experiences, rotations will take place at various hospitals, health care facilities, and the community as assigned. Rotations may take place during the week, weekends, or over night shifts in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, and LA County.

Currently we have clinical partnerships with Corona Regional Medical Center (CRMC); Kaiser Permanente - Fontana, Riverside, Lakeview, Moreno Valley; Loma Linda Veterans Administration (LLVA); Parkview Community Hospital; Patton State Hospital; Riverside Community Hospital (RCH); Riverside County Mental Health In-patient Services; Riverside County Public Health Department; Riverside County Regional Medical Center (RCRMC); Riverside Unified School District; Janet Goeske Senior Center; San Bernardino County Public Health Department; Arrowhead Regional Medical Center; Ballard Rehab Hospital; Desert Valley Hospital; Eisenhower Medical Center; Menifee Valley Medical Center; Redlands Community Hospital; Saint Mary's Medical Center; San Antonio Hospital; Riverside Medical Clinic; and San Bernardino Community Hospital.

Do you offer an LVN to RN program?
Yes, a limited number of units may be substituted from a WASC accredited LVN program for BSN courses however all BSN prerequisites must be met. Students may also challenge a course through examination, based on their LVN experience.

When are the application periods to the College of Nursing?
We accept students to the BSN program for the fall and spring semesters. Please refer to the Important Dates page for a most updated list of deadlines.

How do I apply to the BSN program? 
You can access a step-by-step process of how to apply to the BSN program here.

I applied for admission to the nursing program but I did not get in. Can I reapply?
Yes, applicants may apply to the BSN program if he/she has previously applied. The CBU CON recommends that all applicants have a back-up plan for a major and to consider the EL MSN program if not accepted to the BSN program after applying twice. However, there is no limit to the amount of times you may apply to the program.

Can I reuse my application that I submitted through NursingCAS for the next application period?
Yes. You can use the same NursingCAS application. Here's how:

Step 1: Log on to your application
Step 2: Click "Add Programs"
Step 3: Search for CBU's BSN program and click the "+"
Step 4: Add and update any information (coursework/grades for prerequisites, volunteer experience, etc.)
Step 5: You will need to fill out the "Program Materials" section again. This includes attaching any documents you submitted with your previous application.

Do I have to resubmit all of the documents again?
You will need to submit updated transcripts if you had work in progress when you previously applied. Letters of recommendation are valid for 2 consecutive application cycles.

How many students do you accept per year for the BSN program?
We accept 96 students in the fall and 96 students in the spring for a total of 192 per year. 

Do I have to be accepted to the university before I apply for the nursing program?
Yes, applicants must first apply and be accepted to CBU as an undergraduate pre-nursing student. Upon acceptance to the university, students may either complete prerequisites and other degree requirements at CBU prior to applying to the BSN program or if all requirements are met, apply directly to the BSN program using the online application and program specific requirements.

I have some questions about the application. What should I do?
Every application period we offer the BSN Applicant Workshop to assist students with the completion of the application process, review the timeline, and discuss interview format. Please check the Important Dates page to see when these workshops will be held.

What can I do to better my chances of getting in?
CBU's College of Nursing uses Holistic Review to evaluate applications to the Nursing program. Holistic Review incorporates the following elements: Experiences, Attributes, and Metrics. To position yourself as a competitive applicant, the goal is to be strong in each of the three areas. Here are some things to think about with each category:

Metrics evaluated include:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Science GPA
  • TEAS composite score
  • TEAS science score
  • C- or below on first attempt of a science prerequisite

Experiences evaluated include:

  • Healthcare experience- paid or volunteer
  • Community enrichment experience- community service volunteer, non-nursing
  • Awards- academic, service, achievement, military, etc.
  • Leadership experience- formal or informal
  • Military experience
  • Certifications or licenses in healthcare (BLS not considered)

Attributes evaluated include:

  • Professionalism
  • Resilience/grit
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing ability
  • Multi-lingual abilities

How do I know if I am a competitive applicant?
Click here to see some prior acceptance statistics. 

What is the TEAS exam?
The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a four-option, multiple choice, computer based exam. There are 170 questions and test-takers are given 209 minutes to complete the exam. Please see the ATI website for more information: https://www.atitesting.com/teas/teas-exam

What content is included in the exam?
Testing areas include: Reading, Math, Science, English, and Language

Where can I take the TEAS exam?
For the foreseeable future application cycles, CBU will be offering the TEAS in person. Please see the Important Dates page for more information, as well as a list of available dates and times. Students may take the TEAS at a different testing center if they prefer. 

When is the exam offered?
For available test dates, please see the Important Dates page.

How do I register for the TEAS?
First you will need to create an ATI account. Then you will need to register for a date and time through the registration form located on our Important Dates page. 

I cannot find "California Baptist University" as one of the listed schools. 
Our school is listed on the ATI registration portal as "CA Baptist U." For additional instructions and assistance with creating your ATI account, please see the specific instructions given on the application requirements page.

When would you recommend taking the exam?
We would recommend taking 4-6 weeks to study for the exam using the ATI resources. Test scores are valid for one year. If the test is taking more than a year prior to the application deadline, it will not be eligible.

How much does it cost?
The exam will cost $75 when taken through CBU.

How is the TEAS scored?
The total score is an adjusted percent correct score which ranges from 0.0% to 100%. 

What is the minimum score?
The minimum score for the TEAS that CBU will accept is 60%.

How many times can I take the TEAS in one application cycle?
You can take the TEAS up to 3 times in one application cycle. We will take the highest score and apply it to your nursing application. Note: there is a 30 day waiting period in between each attempt per ATI's best practices.

Is there a waiting period in between TEAS attempts?
There is a 30 day waiting period between each attempt. This is to align with ATI's best practices.

Which score will you look at if I take the TEAS multiple times?
We will look at the highest score of the attempts for which we receive score reports.

What is the latest exam date that will be accepted?
The TEAS exam needs to be completed by the application deadline for the cycle in which you are applying.

How long is my exam score good for (does it expire)?
We can use your TEAS exam score for one year (2 consecutive BSN cycles, 1 EL MSN cycle). After that, you will need to re-take the exam.

Is there a recommended study guide for the TEAS?
Yes, ATI has produced several resources for TEAS exam preparation. Please see this webpage for more information.

Do you accept students who have not taken any prerequisites at CBU?
We do have a "CBU Residency" policy, which states that students must be in progress or have completed 12 units at the time of applying to gain priority admission. Once all "CBU resident" student applications have been considered, we will then evaluate applications for students who have not established residency. Due to the competitiveness of our application cycles, we are able to accept very few students who have not established CBU residency, if any.

How do I know which classes will transfer from another college or university?
For a list of equivalent courses from other community colleges, please see the articulation agreements

What if I am a transfer student and I have completed all of my prerequisites?
There may still be general education requirements you may take at CBU. Talk with your Academic Advisor to explore some options. You may also consider one the many Health Science minors offered through the College of Allied Health to enhance your education. 

Will you evaluate my prerequisite courses taken at another college/university?
Once you have been accepted and confirm your attendance as a CBU pre-nursing student, you will receive an official transcript review from the University Registrar's Office prior to your initial registration. Please refer to the articulation agreements

What if I have already completed some coursework in another BSN program?
If you have completed nursing courses in a BSN program, it is possible that we can evaluate your courses and determine advanced placement in the Nursing program. You will need to complete the traditional application process and gain acceptance as one of the 96 in order to have your coursework evaluated.

What if I already have a non-nursing bachelor's degree?
You may consider our EL MSN program which is a graduate program designed for individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree and are looking to transition into nurse leaders.

Do I have to have hospital/health care experience before I can apply to the program?
Some exposure to hospital/health care settings is highly recommended. Interacting with patients and health care professionals is essential to creating a foundation that promotes the critical thinking and clinical decision-making necessary for the development and practice of fundamental nursing skills. However, we do not have a minimum requirement of practical experience.

Does the College of Nursing consider any military coursework or experience for credit in the BSN program?
Nursing students 
with relevant military coursework and experience may be granted credit for previous education or other acquired knowledge through a validation process. This process will be completed upon acceptance to the BSN program. For more information, please see the Undergraduate & Pre-licensure handbook.

How will I know if you received all of my BSN admission documents?
You will be able to track your documents via NursingCAS and you will be sent frequent e-mails from us through them.

How do you determine who is selected for the program?
The Nursing Admissions Committee uses a Holistic Review process which includes a balanced look at Metrics, Experience, and Attributes. Click here for more details.

Do you interview everyone who applies to the program?
Not all qualified applicants will be scheduled for an interview.

When are interviews scheduled if I am selected?
Within a few weeks of the application deadline you will be contacted via email to complete a virtual interview if you are being considered for the program. If you do are not selected to interview, you will recieve an email denying your acceptance. 

When will I find out if I am accepted to the program?
Upon completion of a successful interview, final applicants will be selected and contacted through email by the end of March for a fall program applicant and by the end of October for a spring program applicant. 

Is there a waiting list?
We do not maintain a waiting list. 

What is financial aid?
Financial aid is any funding a student receives through grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans to assist you in paying for college costs.

How do I apply for financial aid?
You must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for federal Student Aid) to the Department of Education for the appropriate academic year. This can be done on the official website.

What if I need assistance completing the FAFSA?
For tips on completing the FAFSA, please visit CBU's Financial Aid page.

What is your school code for FAFSA?
Our school code is 001125.

Do you offer scholarships, grants and loans?
Undergraduate students at CBU will find the widest range of financial aid available to them, including scholarships, awards and loans. There are also scholarships for nursing students that can be found here.

Do you have a list of scholarships for nursing students?
Please click here for a list of scholarships for nursing students. We also recommend doing some research for additional options.

My bachelor's degree is from a foreign university. Do I have to get it evaluated? 
Yes. Prior to submitting an application to the College of Nursing, applicants must have all foreign transcripts evaluated by a Credential Evaluation Service to confirm their academic equivalency to educational standards of accredited colleges and universities in the United States. Please submit a copy of the evaluation report with your nursing application. 

Which credential evaluation service do you recommend?
International Education Research Foundation, Inc (IERF)
P.O. Box 3665, Culver City, CA 90231-3655
Office: 310-258-9451; Fax: 310-342-7086

I am a Registered Nurse with a degree from another country. Can I take a class at CBU to fulfill the requirements for RN licensure in California?
We are accepting names onto our waitlist for students to take single courses in order to fulfill BRN requirements. If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please fill out this survey.

What is the cost of the deficiency courses?
The cost per unit is found on our Tuition and Fees page. There is no financial aid available for this program. To see a list of our courses and units, please click here.

When are the deficiency courses offered?
We do not have any official start dates for deficiency courses. Please complete the survey mentioned above and you will be contacted should something become available.

Where can I find more information about applying to CBU as an international student?
Please visit our International website.