Finance, B.S.

Money and time — how we handle these expresses our core values. Beyond traditional finance curriculum, CBU finance majors grapple with how to manage both money and time in a God-honoring way. 

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Program Intro

CBU's finance program helps students improve their interpersonal communication skills, gain proficiency in required technology and strengthen their value systems. Any industry, all over the world, need these skillsets and traits to evaluate and develop solutions for new financial challenges facing our society.

75 Units

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2 Concentrations
25 Required Major Courses

Why Study Finance at CBU?

Become prepared for various finance roles

The finance program equips students for opportunities in corporate finance, insurance/risk management, banking or wealth management. Students taking the financial planning concentration meet the educational requirements to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam. These students are also poised to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 

Supplement your finance education with extracurriculars

Each spring we endeavor to take students to some type of investing conference. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the CBU Investment Group, a student-managed investment fund, where students are challenged to create a portfolio that produces returns and matches CBU core values.

What You'll Learn

Program Details

FIN 405: Financial Analysis and Forecasting

This course covers a more in-depth analysis of financial statements and the integration of financial forecasting based on interpreting financial data and performance.

FIN 415: Investments

This course provides an overview of investment principles and practices with an emphasis on financial markets and pricing models.

FIN 430: Risk Management

This course focuses on identifying risk factors and developing appropriate strategies to mitigate those factors.

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  • Corporate Accounting Finance Concentration
  • Financial Planning Concentration

Adele Harrison, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance
Director, Finance program

Office Location: BUSB 236

Erica Wang

I have always been a fan of numbers and got interested in finance because of how it is applicable in everyday life and it is essential to be successful. I hope to be a financial advisor and be able to make people more comfortable with their finances. I have enjoyed taking classes at CBU because of the professors. They are all so caring and genuinely want what is best for us.

Erica Wang '19

Taylor Jaskot

I chose the finance major because I wanted to pursue practical knowledge for business, and so far, I've been learning extremely practical Excel skills. With my degree, I hope to develop my own business and multiple streams of income. I've learned how to grow in all aspects of my life.

Taylor Jaskot '18

Alexander Sorrells

I hope to build an empire with my degree, and this program is teaching me how to become a master with money. The professors are all wonderful and I have had a lot of deep talks with them.

Alexander Sorrells '20

Career Possibilities

Finance majors can apply their field of study to a variety of careers. Some careers listed below may require further education.

  • Financial Analyst
  • Personal Finance Advisor
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Bank Manager
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Loan Officer

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Join our community. At CBU, you’ll be challenged to become an individual whose skills, integrity, and sense of purpose glorify God and distinguish you in the world.