1.1 Identify and describe key theories and practices in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and business law.

1.2 Apply knowledge and principles to business scenarios in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, and economics.

2.1 Use critical thinking to identify issues, collect and examine information, evaluate evidence, and draw conclusions.

2.2 Use creative thinking to synthesize ideas and expertise, and take appropriate risk in developing innovative approaches to address business problems.

2.3 Integrate knowledge and values from various disciplines and transfer skills to the workplace.

3.1 Communicate in writing to a targeted audience with clarity, appropriate tone, proper mechanics, and relevant content.

3.2 Orally present a message with confidence, effective voice inflection, clarity, and appropriate visual aids.

4.1 Define problems, identify alternatives, and establish criteria to evaluate potential solutions.

4.2 Utilize and/or formulate models to represent and solve business problems, compute results, and develop solutions.

4.3 Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing business software solutions.

5.1 Employ ethical guidelines in evaluating consequences and making choices.

5.2 Identify and apply relevant biblical principles to critical business issues.

6.1 Work effectively within groups.

6.2 Describe and evaluate the fundamental principles and trends in economics, politics, business law, and culture, and apply them to business issues.

6.3 Identify fundamental global factors and evaluate their impact on business issues.

Entrepreneurship Concentration

7.1 Students will evaluate an idea's feasibility as a commercial value.

7.2 Students will examine personal strengths to turn an idea or invention into a new product or service that successfully solves a problem in the marketplace.

Finance Concentration

7.1 Students will combine financial principles to support financial decision-making.

7.2 Students will design financial risk analysis strategies to support financial decision-making

7.3 Students will maximize knowledge of financial markets and institutions and adapt to role institutions play in shaping financial decisions.

International Business Concentration

7.1 Students will analyze economic, marketing, and management concepts in a global context.

7.2 Students will evaluate different political, cultural, and legal issues between management, economics, and marketing in a global context.

Management Concentration

7.1 Students will examine the functions of management in the workplace.

7.2 Students will apply business management skills to solve organizational issues.

Social Entrepreneurship Concentration

7.1 Students will evaluate the use of social entrepreneurship in the marketplace.

7.2 Students will display knowledge gained from researching social entrepreneurial organizations

7.3 Students will evaluate an idea's feasibility as a for-profit or non-profit venture.