SLO 1: Applied Instrument: Perform a variety of stylistically appropriate musical works in a primary applied area.
SLO 2: Ensembles: Lead and collaborate with other musicians in large and small ensembles.
SLO 3: Musicianship Ability: Exhibit comprehensive musicianship ability in various musical contexts and skill sets.
SLO 4: Critical Thinking: Think critically about music through analysis, listening and evaluation.
SLO 5: Music History: Effectively communicate about the influences and practices of Western art music, music of non-Western cultures and popular music traditions.
SLO 6: Faith Integration: Articulate a personal philosophy related to the integration of authentic faith and personal character in the life of a career musician.
SLO 7: Compositional Techniques: Create original musical compositions that reflect knowledge of compositional techniques and fundamental musical elements.
SLO 8: Compositional Tools: Develop fluency in the use of diverse tools and technologies for the creation, notation, and performance of original musical compositions.
SLO 9: Composition Performance: Assemble and produce performances of original music for a variety of musical forces and performance mediums.