1. Comprehend and communicate unique and alternative perspectives and communicate such perspectives that appeal to a variety of sense and thought processes.
  2. Effectively convey ideas and concepts in an organized and inspiring fashion through oral and written mediums.
  3. Demonstrate command of the various subjects in relation to intended profession.
  4. Apply content and skills from a specialization to professional scenarios.
  5. Adapt and implement various software programs for research, communication, and instruction.
  6. Frame situations to provide constructive solutions.
  7. Creatively analyze, synthesize, and evaluate various forms of information and arguments.
  8. Promote understanding and appreciation for diversity and converse freely in exchange of ideas with tolerance for differences.
  9. Identify, appreciate, and apply various mediums of aesthetic expressions.
  10. Exercise discernment that considers biblical principles and ethics of the profession in decision-making behavior.