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In this step you will register for your first semester classes at CBU.

1. Open / Download / Print the following documents:

2. Please watch the appropriate (Freshmen / Transfer) video below to learn how to read your Registration Guide, choose your first semester classes, and register for the Fall 2017 semester.



3. You may have been pre-registered into some of your classes. We based our pre-registration on required classes for your major, required classes for the university (such as English composition and chapel), and course availability. However, please note that nothing in your schedule is set in stone. We understand that there are many variables to consider when scheduling classes – work, family, the commute. If what we’ve chosen works for you, great! Just add on General Education and other major classes as available. If not, feel free to make adjustments as desired. 

4. Be sure to register for enough courses to bring your unit total to at least twelve (12) units. Twelve is the minimum amount of units to be considered full-time. If you are not on planning on being a full-time student please contact an Academic Advisor to discuss being a part-time student.

If you have any questions please contact the The Office of Academic Advising using the information below.

The Office of Academic Advising
Live Chat - 

You can now proceed to Step 4 - Housing.