Transfer Classes

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to choose your first semester freshman classes using your personalized Registration Guide. 

1. Grab your personalized Registration Guide.

2. At the top of your personalized guide, you will find your name, student ID number and admit status. Your admit status determines how many units you are permitted to take in your first semester. 12 is shown as the minimum because at least 12 units are required to be a full-time student.
Step 2 (Image)

3. Below this you will see your Required and Recommended 1st Semester Courses. You have been pre-registerd for every course listed in the required section. You may have some courses on your Registration Guide that are not presented here. Your English composition placement is also provided in this section and you will need to register in that specific English course.

Step 3 (Image)

4. Next are your required General Education requirements. Here is a description of notes and highlights on your registration guide:
    "T" and a checked box means you have completed this area with transfer units. "EX" and a checked box means you are exempt and do no need to complete this area. "REG FA15" and a bluehighlight means you have been preregistered for this course. "IPSU15" and an orangehighlight means you are currently enrolled in these summer courses at CBU. Pinkhighlight indicates unmet requirements. Look for notes describing with courses and / or unit amounts will be needed to complete these areas. Purplehighlight indicates areas that will possibly be met with in progress transfer work on transcript.

Step 4 (Image)


5. To determine which General Education classes you might consider registering in, we have also sent you the "Fall 2015 Recommended Courses That Meet General Education Requirements" list. For any General Education categories you wish to complete, we recommend only taking courses from this list. This list provides you with recommended competency courses, lower division core courses and upper division core courses. You must have at least 30 units completed to take upper division courses.

6. The information at the bottom of the front of your Registration Guide is a final calculation of your units. This will inform you if you need any elective units in order to graduate. 

Step 6 (Image)

7. On the back of your Registration Guide is a complete list of all your of required courses in your major. Please take note of any courses that list prerequisites. It is always best to take prerequisite courses as soon as possible.

Step 7 (Image)

8. You have been preregistered for some major / major appropriate / general education courses for your first semester at CBU. For future semesters, when you do register for classes, we recommend that you begin with major classes, then add any required class(es) such as Chapel or English composition, and then add General Education classes.

9. One final note: if you believe you should be in a higher level math or English course, you can take a placement exam using the information provided here.

Math Placement
    What: Seek placement into a higher level When: Anytime Where: Anywhere you have a networked computer How: Call the University Bookstore at (951) 343-4259 to purchase a login code and exam instructions Time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon course exam selected Cost: $14.58
English Placement
    What: Seek placement into ENG113 or ENG123 When: Various dates by appointment Where: Academic Success Center (ASC) How: Make an appointment by calling ASC at (951) 343-4349 Time: One hour writing assessment Cost: Free

You may now continue to the "How to Register" page.