Let'S Get Started

Most important resources that you will need as a student will be available to you through InsideCBU. This goal of this page is to get you familiar with some of the basics InsideCBU.

1. To access InsideCBU click the link on the top of the CBU website. 
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2. From InsideCBU, you can access BlackBoard, which is used for any class with online content, and your LancerMail account, which will become CBU's primary method of contacting you once you have registered for classes. BlackBoard, LancerMail and InsideCBU all use the same login information.
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3. Sign in to InsideCBU using your ID number and password and then click on the "Academics" tab at the top of the page. 
4. Now click on the "Student Academics" tab on the left. 
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5. On the Student Academics page, you can access important tools like your "Academic Record," which displays all of your completed and in progress coursework, and your "Degree Guide," which displays every requirement you need for your General Education and your major, and your minor and concentration if applicable. Do not click on these tools at this moment. You can return to them later.
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6. Next click on the "Traditional Students" tab a bit lower on the left. 
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7. The Traditional Students page offers a variety of important tools including Major Guides. Major Guides provide many details on the coursework for most majors to help students understand and plan out their classes. Be sure to become familiar with and make use of these tools in order to make the most of your education!

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