The Find My Advisor Site

Despite having read the instructions provided in the InsideCBU, Course Selection, and Course Registration links on the right, you might still find yourself having some questions.  Not a problem.  Your advisor is eager to assist you with any aspect of first semester enrollment.  Just click the Find My Advisor link, pull-down to your major, click your advisor's name, and access their calendar and services provided. 



Academic Advising Office Page

For additional support, please visit the Academic Advising website

The website is a great resource is assisting you in your academic journey as a Lancer!

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  • Major / Minor Change Form

    If you would like to change your major or add an additional major, minor, or concentration, you will need to complete and return the Declaration of Major / Concentration / Minor Form to your Academic Advisor. Your Degree Guide will be updated once your Academic Advisor has processed your form.

  • BlackBoard and Lancermail

    From InsideCBU, you can access BlackBoard, our instructional technology platform used in most classes.  Please note, courses and course content may not appear until a few days prior to the first day of the semester.

    LancerMail is CBU's primary method of contacting you once enrolled. 

    BlackBoard, LancerMail, and InsideCBU all use the same login username and password

    Blackboard and Lancermail navigation