Course Selection

In this section, you will learn how to access and read resources helpful in making informed decisions on course selection and degree planning.  Once courses have been selected, you will be guided through the registration process

  • 1. Your Pre-Nursing Fact Sheet and Pre-Nursing Plan Options

     Pre-Nursing Orientation video:


    Pre-Nursing Fact Sheet and Plan options

    To navigate to your Nursing Fact Sheet and Nursing Plans, start by clicking the Academics tab of InsideCBU.  From there, click the Traditional Students link on the left, followed by Major Planning Guides on the right. 

    Major Planning Guide located in Traditional Student site new

    In the Major Planning Guides site, click the 2020-2021 Major Planning Guides.

    20-21 MPG

    Scroll to your major. Click the following links.

    Pre Nursing Resources

    A separate tab should open. Now, you can view your Pre-Nursing Fact Sheet.

    Along with your Pre-Nursing Fact Sheet, we have provided you Sample Pre-Nursing Plans and a Pre-Nursing - General Education Guide.

    PreNursing Planning Resources rev 1

    On page 2 of the Pre-Nursing Fact Sheet, we would encourage you to mark any classes that appear as complete on your Unofficial Transcript.  From there, you can start building an academic plan using the Pre-Nursing Plans resource.  You'll notice Nursing students at CBU follow a 4, 4.5 or 5 year sequence, depending upon how long it takes to complete program prerequisites and other requirements for application.  Other helpful Pre-Nursing resources include:

  • 2. Your Unofficial CBU Transcript

    Your Unofficial Transcript

    Start by accessing your unofficial CBU transcript.  This document will eventually include CBU grades earned.  For now, though, it simply contains any work you may have transferred in, credit bearing test scores you might have received, or exemptions received as a result of good grades earned while in high school (most notably in the area of foreign language).

    To get to your Unofficial Transcript, start by logging in to InsideCBU, using the ID and Password included in the e-mail we sent you.

    InsideCBU login screen

    Once logged in, click the Academics tab, followed by the Student Grade-Transcript Information link

    Navigation to Student Grade Transcript Information

    Once in your unofficial transcript you might see either of the following.

    • Exemption (EX) - class(es) or some form of training one may have received that exempts the student from a requirement area.  Below we see a student who earned Foreign Language exemptions.

    Unofficial Transcript Exemption

    • Transfer Coursework - class(es) completed at accredited colleges, universities or through approved military training.  Below we see transfer classes that will meet specific Nursing program prerequisites (Green), a class in the General Education & Additional Coursework area (Yellow), and courses awarding elective credit only (Red).

    Unofficial Transcript Transfer Coursework

  • 3. Your Recommended GE Course List

    In addition to Pre-Nursing course prerequisites, students must complete two semesters of the same foreign language, and two Biblical & Theological Core courses.  Additionally, students in Nursing are required to complete either ANT225 or ANT315.  These classes do not need to be completed prior to application to the College or Nursing, but do need to be completed prior to graduation.  Most students complete at least some of the above prior to seeking admission to the BSN Program.

  • Challenging English and Math Placement
    Challenging Your English or Math Placements
    Your math and English placements were determined by any standardized test scores or transfer work submitted to CBU prior to admission. 
    English Placement

    Students must register into the class they were placed to complete their initial enrollment.

    Placed into ENG113E?  If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you are currently enrolled in or have completed what you believe to be a college-level composition course, or if you have taken the AP Language and Composition exam, speak with your advisor.  Transfer courses and exam scores may affect placement.

    If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you submitted your SAT, ACT or CLT exam scores to CBU, then this is your placement.  You can challenge this placement by taking the English Placement Challenge exam offered by Modern Languages and Literature.  Contact Professor Jennifer Tronti at

    If your placement is the 4-unit ENG113E and you did not submit SAT, ACT or CLT exam scores, this is your placement.  You are free to challange this placement by taking the Accuplacer exam offered through the Office of Student Success bookings link

    Placed into ENG113? If your placement is ENG113 but you feel you should have been placed into ENG123, you can take a challenge exam prepared by the CBU Department of Modern Languages & Literature.  Those interested in taking taking this exam, contact Professor Jennifer Tronti (

    Placed into ENG123? If your placement is ENG123, this is the class in which you will need to register.  One cannot challenge out of ENG123.  Students who pass the challenge exam noted above will be permitted to register into ENG123. 

    Additionally, any test scores, transfer work, or AP English Language and Composition scores submitted after initial registration may result in a change to your composition placement.  Your staff academic advisor will reach out to you if this is the case.
    Math Placement
    Your math placement has been determined based on standardized test scores, transfer coursework, or AP Calculus scores you may have submitted to CBU.  If your placement was MAT095, but you would like to see if you can get into MAT115, you are free to take the Mobius Maa Math Placement Exam


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