New Student Registration Process

Welcome to New Student Registration.  We are excited that you have decided to join the Lancer family and hope you find the class registration tutorials we have developed to be both informative and easy to use.

In this portion of Online Orientation we will guide you to degree planning resources, help you to select classes suitable for your first semester, and show you how to register.

On the right side of this page you will see links to the basics of InsideCBU, Course Selection, Course Registration, and enrollment Support.  We would encourage you to follow these links in order, as information contained within each will assist you in getting properly registered, and will be useful to you throughout your time at CBU. 

Our hope and prayer is that you have a wonderful experience here at CBU and that you allow us to walk with you in finding and living the purpose God has called you to.

If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Advisor. 

You can now proceed to Step 1 - InsideCBU