Frequently Asked Questions



  • What do I do if I'm in a class that is over my head?
    Before deciding a class isn't for you, it's always best to contact the Office of Student Success for tutoring to try to succeed in your class. If you do decide that your best option is to leave a class, you can drop or withdraw from a course depending on the date (check the academic calendar). Remember that after the last day to drop a course, you will not receive a tuition refund if you withdraw. After the last day to withdraw, you cannot leave the course without petitioning for a special exception (see the question about appealing for special exceptions above).
  • When is the deadline to drop or withdraw from classes?
    The deadline to drop or withdraw changes every semester, but you can find those dates in the academic calendar.


Incompletes and Repeating Courses

  • What is the policy on repeating courses?
    Students can repeat courses in which they earned a C- or or lower. If the course was originally taken at CBU, then the grade earned upon retaking the course will replace the old grade. The second grade is used even if it is not higher than the first. Tuition is charged in full for repeated units. If the course can be taken multiple times for credit, then it is not eligible for grade replacement.
    Courses can be repeated more than twice if necessary, but the second grade earned and all grades thereafter will not be replaced. They will each factor into GPA calculations.
  • What does an “I” mean on my transcript?
    "I" represents an incomplete status and is only temporary. Incompletes are only granted in extreme cases by petitioning the dean of the school of college from which the course is offered. There is a fee charged for approved incomplete petitions.
  • How long do I have to complete an incomplete course?
    Students have 6 weeks after the close of a semester to complete a course. If the "I" is not raised to a passing grade in that time, it automatically becomes an "F" and credit for the course can only be earned by retaking it. 

OPS Courses 

  • What are OPS courses?
    OPS courses are under the Online and Professional Studies program. As a traditional student, you are under the undergraduate traditional (TRAD) program.
  • How are OPS courses different from traditional courses?


    OPS courses are usually offered once a week in the evenings, online or a hybrid of both. They are also accelerated 8-week courses while TRAD courses are usually day-time courses that last for the entire 16-week semester. It is recommended for TRAD students to stick to TRAD courses, especially first-time freshmen. If you want to register for an OPS course, please consider carefully whether or not you can handle the faster pace. When registering, OPS courses are usually indicated by an E1 or E2 code while TRAD courses are designated by an UT code. OPS courses also follow a different academic calendar and may start or end differently than TRAD courses.
  • How many OPS courses can I take and how do I register for them?
    Traditional students are limited to one OPS course per session (E1 code = first 8-week session; E2 code = second 8-week session). You should be able to add OPS courses the same way as TRAD courses through InsideCBU.


  • When do I register for classes?
    Your date to register depends on your class standing. You can find the registration dates for every class in the academic calendars. These dates are updated every semester as soon as they are established.
  • How do I know what I need to take?
    There are several tools to help you stay on track in your degree. Major guides are available in the traditional students page and give a full list of major courses, when they are offered, and what GE they fulfill. Your degree guide is available by logging into InsideCBU and clicking on "Academics" and then "Student Academics." The "Degree Guide" link is near the bottom. Your degree guide shows your personal academic history of what is completed, in progress and still needed. If you need further assistance, you can make an appointment with Academic Advising in Yeager B146.
  • How do I register for classes? 
    To get to your registration portal, go to InsideCBU and click the "Academics" tab on top and the the "Course Registration" tab on the left. The "Register for Classes" link is right up top. If you aren't sure how to start adding classes, these Registration Video Walkthroughs for Undergraduate and Graduate students are available.
  • I am already registered. Can I adjust my schedule myself? 
    Prior to the last days to add or drop courses, you can adjust your schedule as much as you would like. The exceptions to this are varsity athletes and international students, who need special permission before modifying their schedules.
  • Why can I not adjust my ENG103, 113 or 123 sections online? 
    Because these composition courses are required every semester for all students until they are completed, they are locked down to prevent being accidentally dropped. Dropping these courses is not permitted. If you would like to swap your composition course for a different section, please visit Academic Advising in Yeager B146 or call (951) 343-4567 and they will be able to help you make that change.
  • Why won’t the system let me drop or swap my only class? 
    If you are planning to register for other courses in that particular semester, add any other course to your schedule. The system will then allow you to drop or swap that first course from your schedule. If you are trying to drop your only course and do NOT plan to take any other courses that particular semester, it is necessary for you to go to the main front desk of the Yeager Building to complete a “pre-semester drop” form.

First Semester

  • I’ve just been accepted to CBU. When do
    I register for classes?
    Congratulations and welcome to CBU! You will get to register for your first semester courses at Step Ahead or through Virtual Step Ahead if you live more than four hours away. You can only sign up for Step Ahead and Virtual Step Ahead during specific times of the year, so please contact your Admissions Counselor if you think you are missing what you need to get started.
  • What should I do if I am unable to attend
    Step Ahead?
    Step Ahead is a great opportunity to learn about the CBU campus and get the information you need from multiple departments. Try to attend if at all possible! If you can't attend Step Ahead because you live more than four hours away, you will be contacted with the opportunity to participate in Virtual Step Ahead. If you haven't been contacted but believe you should be or if you live locally but cannot attend, please contact your Admissions counselor.
  • How many units should I take my first semester?
    This answer varies from student to student. When you register for your first semester classes, Academic Advising will give you a registration guide that will provide you with the minimum and maximum number of units you should take.
  • How do AP, IB, CLEP credits transfer to CBU?
    These tests all provide transfer units accepted by CBU. You can see what specific courses these tests are equivalent to in the academic policies section of the most recent university catalog. No units are granted for any tests until official scores are received.
  • How do I know if my AP scores and/or transcripts have been received and processed?
    Test scores and transcripts are first received in the Admissions Office, then evaluated and processed by the Registrar’s Office. Once they have been processed, you will be able see it online under your academic record. Your academic record is available by logging into InsideCBU and clicking on "Academics" and then "Student Academics." If you simply want to check whether or not CBU has received your scores or transcripts, please contact the Admissions Office.
  • If CBU has not received my AP scores
    and/or transcripts, is there a way to
    adjust my schedule before they are processed?
    Yes. If you need to register for a course with a prerequisite that you have already fulfilled by an exam or at another school, please bring in an unofficial copy to Academic Advising and we can manually input the authorization for you to add the course you need. An official copy of your exam score and/or transcript still needs to be sent to CBU.
  • How do I know what requirements I have already satisfied?
    Your degree guide displays every requirement needed to graduate and is available by logging into InsideCBU and clicking on "Academics" and then "Student Academics." The "Degree Guide" link is near the bottom. Your degree guide shows your personal academic history of what is completed, in progress and still needed. If you need further assistance, you can make an appointment with Academic Advising in Yeager B146.
  • Is it possible to get credit by taking an examination without enrolling in a
    This can be done through CLEP exams. CBU accepts CLEP exam scores for credit, but does not facilitate or administer the exams. Be sure to look at what course the CLEP exams can fulfill in the articulation agreements in the examinations section.