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Meal Plan

Meal plans are required of all students residing in university housing for Traditional Students. Meal plan participation is not required for commuting students. Commuting students interested in a meal plan may pick from any of the plans offered.

For your reference, below is the list of Meal Plan options for both Residents and Commuters:

Resident Meal Plan Options (Per Semester):

Plan D= 135 Meals/$150 Dining Dollars - $1,475 (Minimum Plan for Residents)
Plan E= 155 Meals/$200 Dining Dollars - $1,680
Plan F= 180 Meals/$200 Dining Dollars - $1,870
Plan G= 200 Meals/$250 Dining Dollars - $2,050
Plan H= 225 Meals/$250 Dining Dollars - $2,215
Plan I= 250 Meals/$250 Dining Dollars - $2,380
Plan J= 275 Meals/$250 Dining Dollars - $2,545
Plan K= 300 Meals/$250 Dining Dollars - $2,710 

Commuter Meal Plan Options (Per Semester):

Plan A= 45 Meals/$50 Dining Dollars - $495
Plan B= 70 Meals/$50 Dining Dollars - $740
Plan C= 90 Meals/$100 Dining Dollars - $985 

Choose a Meal Plan

1. To choose a meal plan at CBU, please click on the following link: CBU Meal Plan. (Once on the page, you will need to log in to InsideCBU).

2. Once on the Meal Plan Selection page scroll down and click on "Select a Meal Plan."

3. At the bottom of the next page you can select / change your plan.

If you have any questions please contact University Card Services using the information below.

University Card Services

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