News • November 13, 2019

Veterans remembered, honored at CBU for Veterans Day

Veterans remembered, honored at CBU for Veterans Day

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 12, 2019) – The Veterans Resource Center at California Baptist University spent the day honoring CBU veterans, leading up to an evening of reflection on Nov. 11.

During the morning and afternoon, the Veterans Resource Center offered free T-shirts and a meal ticket to veterans at the Alumni Dining Commons. In the evening, ROTC cadets at CBU led a march from the Veterans Resource Center to Stamps Courtyard where they hung the flags of the U.S. Armed Forces. Dr. Douglas Wallace, associate professor of sociology and U.S. Air Force veteran, shared a few remarks after the march.

“I have seen many times in my life growing up, boys and girls going to the military and they would come back as men and women who were respectful, disciplined and lived with honor and integrity,” Wallace said. “Those are things we do not see enough today, so I have always been amazed by that.”

Wallace encouraged the audience to learn from the sacrifices of the military, especially when it comes to protecting freedoms.

“For those who have fought or are currently fighting for our freedoms, it is also the time for each of us to take part in protecting it. We need to realize how special it is and do what we need to protect our freedoms by maintaining what we have here in America,” Wallace said. “We need to put our freedoms into action by voting, being involved in civic organizations, and teaching young ones what it means to be an American."

Macy Lange, a marketing senior and spouse of a veteran, attended the evening event.

"I think that having the perspective of a military spouse, Veterans Day not only means honoring and respecting the sacrifices our military and veterans have made for our country but also helping them ease back into civilian life as well,” Lange said. “I know a lot of veterans including my husband who has had trouble easing back into civilian life and I think if we as a country let them know we are beside them, supporting their transition, it means the world to them."


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