News • January 27, 2017

CBU students create music for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” related projects

 CBU students create music for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” related projects

Riverside, Calif. (Jan. 26, 2017) – Students at the Collinsworth School of Music have put their magical touches on music tied to Disney’s live-action adaption of “Beauty and the Beast.”

Earlier this month, the University Choir and a smaller group of vocalists recorded music in the school’s studio that will be used in Disney video games and karaoke recordings based off the new movie.

“The fact that professional institutions are seeking out our students for opportunities like this is a testament to the quality of students that we have at CBU, and the quality of training that we provide at CBU,” said Dr. Joseph Bolin, dean of the School of Music. “To combine professional and educational endeavors is a big win for the school.”

This was the second project associated with Disney this academic year. In October, students also recorded music to be used on various projects related to the animated movie “Moana.”

“It’s great to have professional people come in and see how the industry really works,” said Traivon Williams, a music composition graduate student, who recorded on the “Beauty and the Beast” project. “It’s one of those opportunities that a lot of people don’t get. It’s great that not only I get to be a part of it but they chose our school.”

Bolin is looking forward to forming additional collaborations in the professional recording industry.

“One of our objectives here at the School of Music is to expose our students to industry professionals to prepare them for success in the real world,” Bolin said. “This is something I would like to see us continue to develop in the future as a school.”

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