News • April 22, 2022

Student literary journal releases 2022 issue

Student literary journal releases 2022 issue Riverside, Calif. (April 22, 2022) –The Dazed Starling, a literary journal that features fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry submitted by California Baptist University students and recent graduates, recently released its annual issue.

The journal, started in 2014, is edited by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Literary Journal Editing and Publishing (ENG 431 and ENG 531). It is published in the spring of each year, and students from all majors are encouraged to submit their stories to have their voices heard.

Dr. Erika Travis, faculty advisor and managing editor of the journal, said she hopes the audience sees something of themselves reflected in the journal.

“There are others out there with the same hopes, dreams, trials and frustrations,” said Travis, who is also the director of the English graduate program. “We hope that in the sense of community and in the acts of creative expression and revision, writers, editors and the audience all find a glimpse of the creative nature of God and the beauty of participating in that creative experience.”

The name of the journal was inspired by Richard Wilbur’s poem “The Writer” that tells the story of a man observing his daughter as she struggles through the creative process of writing. The dazed starling is a bird referenced in the poem that has difficulties learning to take flight. The bird is used as a symbol in the poem to signify the daughter’s challenges with writing before she can flourish.

For many students this is their first publication, which Travis said is exciting.

“They have created something powerful, and they were brave enough to share it,” Travis said.

Ben Lang, an English graduate student and editor of the journal, said it is often difficult for writers to get their foot in the door in the publishing industry.

“This journal gives students a place to express themselves creatively by giving them an outlet to publish their pieces,” Lang said.

Trinton Spencer, an English graduate student and editor, said this is a great opportunity for students to share a piece of their life in various creative forms with others.

“Some pieces evoke old emotions, inspire the reader to become better or give a sense of relief and peace,” Spencer said.


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