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Riverside, Calif. (Oct. 26, 2023) – Twenty-five years of working in one place may seem like a long time, but it can be a testament to how much someone loves their work.

daphne smiling at cameraFor Daphne Paramo, that is exactly what she has done. Paramo serves as the physician assistant studies department secretary in the College of Health Science. Prior to her current role, Paramo was the kinesiology department secretary for 22 years.

“I have remained at CBU and the College of Health Science because I work with incredible people who have become family,” Paramo said. “We have watched each other’s children grow and have walked through life together. These friendships are some of God’s greatest gifts.”

In her time with California Baptist University, Paramo has seen the College of Health Science and CBU change significantly. She watched the walls of Yeager being raised and stood on the grass where the Alumni Dining Commons and the business buildings now stand. She drove Palm Drive every morning before it was turned into a pedestrian pathway. She remembers when administrative offices were in the James Building, when students lived in Lancer Arms and when the Recreation Center was a small workout room located next to the Van Dyne Gym.

“This is such a beautiful place to work, and CBU is intentional about pouring into these young adults. The spirituality, the importance of a walk with Christ is paramount,” Paramo said. “That’s one of the most amazing things to me.”

In her free time, Paramo enjoys painting and would host painting parties in her home for friends and friends of friends. CBU’s Clinical Education Center invited Paramo to lead painting workshops for clients, some of whom suffered a stroke or a brain injury. The workshops were held twice a year beginning in 2018 and continued until they were stopped due to COVID. They resumed in 2022.

In the workshops, students in the communication disorders program work side-by-side with clients to create a unique piece of art. Their art ability ranges significantly from one client to the next. Some clients have been coming since the workshops began, and Paramo has watched them blossom from quiet and sad to more confident, happier and engaged.

“God has given each of us a gift and we just have to find it,” Paramo said. “I encourage each person to not compare themselves to the person sitting next to them; each of them is unique. Their art is unique, and their style is unique.”

Paramo believes that people must push through the fear of failure or insecurity to challenge their gifts and use them to glorify God and encourage others.

“I am blessed to share the gift of painting given to me by the Lord and the courage and sense of accomplishment that comes as participants challenge themselves,” Paramo said. “We pray before each session and ask the Lord’s blessing on our time together. It is a very sweet time.”

In her free time, Paramo loves to cook and is part of a cooking group. She even has backyard chickens. Her three children all attended CBU; two of them met their spouses there. Paramo loves spending time with her husband and 10 grandchildren. She continues painting.

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