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Safety Services prepared alum for law enforcement career

Safety Services prepared alum for law enforcement careerRiverside, Calif. (June 1, 2023) – As she pursued her graduate degree in forensic psychology, Katherine Morrison (‘22) put her passion into action and worked as an officer for the Safety Services department at California Baptist University.

Safety Services prepared alum for law enforcement career“I felt it was the perfect place to begin my career in law enforcement,” Morrison said. “It gave me great experience as well as learning opportunities in a really cool, faith-based environment.”

Putting faith at the forefront was evident and a very important part of the job. Morrison and her colleagues would pray before every shift and have devotionals.

An essential duty of Morrison’s job as a Safety Services officer at CBU was responding to incoming calls and being the first on the scene to offer help. Calls included responding to medical aid, theft and engaging with individuals who did not belong on campus.

“After praying before our shifts, we knew that God was with us in these emergency situations, and that He had our backs when we needed to think clearly, handle things and get them done,” she said.

Morrison’s days look very different now that she has transitioned into her career.

She works in forensics for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. She went from being first on the scene to being one of the last. Her duties include documenting and collecting evidence from crime scenes. Where she used to offer aid and support to emergency situations or prevent crime from occurring, she now deals with the aftermath.

“My faith has changed a lot,” Morrison said. “When you start to see death, it becomes very real. It has made me realize how precious life and loved ones are.”

Although her cases are heavier than before, Morrison focuses on her purpose in law enforcement: to leave the world a better place than she found it.

“It has really challenged me to grow in my faith. As I navigate the emotions of old and new shocking realities every day in this job, I have found it best to simply lean on God and let Him do the rest,” she said. “I am a lot more aware of how heavy this field is. But I want my career to have purpose, and I want to leave this world better than I found it.”

In her free time, Morrison enjoys skiing, fly fishing, running and painting to help relieve stress. 

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