News • October 18, 2018

CBU Recreation Center offers training for endurance challenges

CBU Recreation Center offers training for endurance challenges

Riverside, Calif. (Oct. 18, 2018) – The California Baptist University Recreation Center was filled with positive energy as encouragement flowed from the trainer to students who were pushing the limits in an intense workout routine.

The students started by sprinting on treadmills, some carrying weights. Next, they leaped off to perform push-ups, followed immediately by jumping up and down in place. Eventually, the participants climbed back on their treadmills for another sprint exercise.

Endurance training requires such determination.  

The Recreation Center at CBU is offering students training courses to help individuals prepare to participate in endurance competitions such as the Murph Challenge or Spartan Race. The courses are free to CBU students, staff and faculty members. The classes are available each Tuesday and Thursday through Nov. 15.

Stephanie Plummer, director of the Recreation Center, said the goal is to offer unique programs to meet every Lancer where they are at in their fitness goals. 

“Anyone who works out regularly can reach a plateau, which is why we encourage them to change it up,” Plummer said.

Noah Fitzpatrick, a sophomore at CBU, said training for the Murph Challenge has helped him achieve his fitness goals by burning body fat without having to use workout equipment.

“You can go at your own pace, and every time you do it you feel healthier,” Fitzpatrick said.

The Murph Challenge, named in honor of Navy Seal Lt. Michael P. Murphy, made famous in the movie “Lone Survivor,” consists of a course that features a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and then another 1-mile run.

The Spartan Race is a series of obstacle course contests that range in distance and difficulty.  Kayla Josephson, a psychology senior, will be competing in a Spartan Race in December.

“I like that [the race] challenges you to push yourself physically and mentally,” Josephson said.

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