News • September 04, 2016

Professor hopes book on persecution will “edify” Christian faith

Dr. Greg Cochran

Dr. Greg Cochran realizes persecution may not be an easy read, but he hopes his forthcoming book will help believers develop their faith. 

Cochran, an associate professor and director of applied theology at California Baptist University, said persecution is inevitable for Christians. His aim is to help the church understand what their faith teaches on persecution.

His book, “Christians in the Crosshairs: Persecution in the Bible and Around the World Today,” is set to be released Nov. 1 by Weaver Book Company. In it, Cochran breaks down persecution into three sections: “The Meaning and Magnitude of Christian Persecution”; “The Biblical Portrait of Persecution”; and “The Implications and Practical Applications (of persecution).”

“One of the most surprising aspects of studying persecution has been its effect on me. I thought I would be dour and woeful—defeated—after hearing of great suffering,” Cochran said. “The opposite is true. The gospel—with its resurrection power—is able to take the worst situations and reframe them in victory. Hearing stories of triumph through suffering has been nothing short of glorious.”

In his book, Cochran defines persecution as a hostile, retaliatory action in response to the revelation of Christ and/or His Righteousness.

“We are united with and connected to Christians all over the world who are persecuted,” Cochran said.  “You’ll be glad that you read it, you’ll be glad that you understand it and your faith will be edified because of it. That’s my hope.”

For Cochran, knowing people are being persecuted for their faith has made him more thankful for God’s simple blessings.

“I really want to enjoy the simple things, the real blessings of life that God has given me, and it’s helped me do that,” he said. 

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