News • September 21, 2022

Photo exhibit at Ontario airport gives visibility to alumni and CBU program

Photo exhibit at Ontario airport gives visibility to alumni and CBU program

Riverside, Calif. (Sept. 21, 2022) – As passengers wait to board planes at Ontario International Airport, art exhibits near the gate areas in Terminals 2 and 4 can help them pass the time. Currently featured in Terminal 4 are photographs taken by five California Baptist University alumni.

Christopher Kern, program lead of photography, said he tries to think outside the box on where to display students’ work. Locations have included pop-up gallery shows in the program’s warehouse studio, the spring show in shipping containers, downtown Riverside Arts Walk and now the Ontario International Airport.

“The prompt is to get the photographers' work out there to the public, to engage the community as a viewer and prompt curiosities and start conversations,” Kern said. “Having our work out at the airport in a more permanent space allows for ongoing foot traffic from the community, promotion for the program and visibility for these emerging photographers. It's also an opportunity for the students to include these opportunities on their CV.”

The Chaffey Community Museum of Art in Ontario manages the Art at the Airport program. Artists wanting to exhibit at the airport need to apply. A three-person panel evaluates each submission for artistic merit, the perceived ability to draw busy travelers to the exhibit and whether the artist resides in the area served by the airport, said Nancy DeDiemar, board president of the museum.

Typically, art is shown in 24 glass cases in Terminals 2 and 4. The CBU photography exhibit is an expansion of that to two new locations in Terminal 4, DeDiemar said. The first is a long wall adjacent to Gate 405. The exhibit replaces a series of posters depicting Route 66. The second location is in the passageway near Gate 401.

Photo exhibit at Ontario airport gives visibility to alumni and CBU program

“CCMA is delighted to have the expansion exhibits and CBU’s active participation in the A3 [Art at the Airport] program,” DeDiemar said.

CBU has the space for two years. Students’ work will be changed twice a year, Kern said.

Photos by Ryan Fields (’22) focuses on surfing.

“I was honored and so excited that more people will be able to view the work we put so much time and effort into,” he said. “I hope my work is able to give a look into what the culture of surfing really is and emphasize the craftsmanship that goes into a surfboard.”

Alicia Berardelli (’22) features photographs of athletes on bikes, skateboards and skis in her photos.

“My hope for my work is to be able to capture the athletic talents of passionate individuals in beautifully powerful ways and for the viewers to feel a glimpse of the same adrenaline that the athletes themselves are experiencing,” Berardelli said. “I want the viewers to ask themselves: What drives these athletes? Is it passion? Addiction? Madness?”

The airport location is a wonderful opportunity to have her work seen and for CBU's photography program to have such exposure, she said.

“The photography program at CBU and the professors helped me to discover and refine my photographic style, understand why my work matters and how to channel underlying themes that are important to me and my community through my work, and taught me about the business side of photography through branding and marketing one's work,” Berardelli said. “I cannot express my gratitude enough to my professors for the time that they invested in me, their passion to see me succeed but also their care in building solid relationships with me.”

To see the installation, go here.

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