News • September 04, 2016

New class to explore the changing role of women in art

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The “Women in the Arts” (ART 381) class, offered for the first time this fall at California Baptist University, will seek to analyze the evolution of women both as the subjects and the creators of art.

“We have a lot of female students in the visual arts and it’s important for them to know the history [of women artists] and to know where they’re going to fit in that trajectory,” said Dr. Katherine Papineau, assistant professor of architecture and art history, who will teach the course.

The new class was added as part of the upper division elective options for the art history minor in the College of Architecture, Visual Arts & Design.  

Historically, artists–—particularly painters, drawers, sculptors and architects—were mostly men, Papineau said. Accepted art forms for females were limited to needlepoint and embroidery. If women did paint, Papineau said, they did not do portraits; but that mindset changed in the 20th century and in modern times, women are creating all forms of art.

Papineau said gender is no longer an issue when it comes to creating art.

“Today, women are painting everything and anything, and they’re engaging with political themes and racial themes. The door is wide open, which is really nice to see,” Papineau said.

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