News • November 14, 2018

Chapel speaker exhorts students to be faithful stewards of God-given talents

Chapel speaker exhorts students to be faithful stewards of God-given talents

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 14, 2018) – Christians need to be good stewards of the talents they have been given, Dr. Nabil Costa told a chapel audience at California Baptist University on Nov. 13.

Costa is the chief executive officer of the Lebanese Society for Educational & Social Development, a faith-based organization committed to enabling the church to remain relevant in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“God has a plan for every one of us, for every one of you and for me and for our people in Lebanon,” Costa told CBU students. “God has given us talents and we have to be faithful for every talent that He has given us.”

Costa used the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14-30 to frame his message. Christians are called to work and to be stewards of what they have been given, whatever that might be, Costa said.

“The Christianity community in Lebanon cannot complain that God gave us 1.5 million refugees,” Costa said. “This is what God gave us and we have to trust his judgment. The best thing in the Christian life is to trust and obey when you do not understand.”

When given a talent by God, a Christian can only respond in one of two ways: be a good steward or not be one, Costa said.

“We do not have the right to say ‘I’m neutral.’ I can’t say I just want to be a spectator,” Costa said.

Costa said when Christians are faithful, the reward is more responsibility and entering into the “Master’s joy.”

“This means it’s not about us, it’s only about Him,” Costa said. “Faithfulness is working hard and giving Him all the credit.”

There can also be people who waste their talents by not maturing and growing closer to God, Costa said.

“The biggest lost opportunity for all [people] is not knowing on a deep and intimate level the one who created, shaped and redeemed us,” Costa said. “The most peaceful place and the most enjoyable ministry is where God wants you to be.” 

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