News • August 13, 2021

Master of Architecture program receives eight-year accreditation

Master of Architecture program receives eight-year accreditation

Riverside, Calif. (Aug. 13, 2021) – The architecture program at California Baptist University has received continuing accreditation for eight years from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

The Master of Architecture program received its initial three-year accreditation in 2018.

The NAAB accreditation provides a foundation for a consistently growing program, said Keelan Kaiser, program director of architecture in the College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design (CAVAD).

“The eight-year term gives us an opportunity to do another round of long-range planning and introspection as to who we are and where we think we can go,” Kaiser said. “We have new faculty who have helped round out the department and will lead the program forward.”

For the accreditation, the program had to complete a self study and undergo a site visit, which was virtual this spring, to ensure it met the 26 student-learning criteria, Kaiser said. The criteria include having the right number of faculty, providing facilities conducive to architecture studio education and culture, and demonstrating continuous improvement of the program.

The CBU program is different from other architecture programs in a few ways. It is an accelerated five-year master’s program. There are only about a dozen of those programs available, Kaiser said. Plus, the CBU program will have approximately 200 students this fall.

“We have a smaller community, and people know each other and have better opportunities for fellowship,” Kaiser said.

CBU has the highest license exam pass rate of California schools, Kaiser said. Additionally, the program cares for the student and emphasizes the importance of spiritual development.

“We frequently have conversations with students about more than just architecture. We're serving students coming with a lot of different backgrounds and aspirations,” Kaiser said. “Some conversations are spiritual conversations, some are almost parental, and others are almost on a peer level. It’s all very rewarding from my perspective. It's great to be able to pour into the kids’ lives in that way.”

Mark Roberson, dean of CAVAD, started the program in fall 2012. He said he remembered thinking ahead to the day when the program would receive full accreditation.

“That day seemed like a long way away. But now we have arrived as a fully accredited program, having been awarded the maximum eight-year term at our first opportunity. It is a sign of the overall development and maturity of the program at this point,” Roberson said. “We have made so much progress. We have a rapidly growing student population, top-notch faculty, nationally award-winning students, and an awesome facility.”

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