News • March 15, 2018

Kirk Cameron shares his faith journey with CBU chapel audience

Riverside, Calf. (March 15, 2018) — “I would have never thought 30 years ago that I would be honored and privileged to talk to you students about a loving God,” said Kirk Cameron to a CBU chapel audience on March 15.

Cameron is a former child TV star who played Mike Seaver on the hit sitcom, “Growing Pains.” Since then, Cameron has starred in numerous roles including the “Left Behind” movie series and “Fireproof.”

He is also the co-creator of The Way of the Master, an organization that teaches Christians how to spread the gospel.

“I thought I had attained everything that I could at 17 years of age,” Cameron said. “At that age, every conversation that I had was on my terms.”

Cameron at the time considered himself an atheist. But through many interactions with Christians, who addressed his doubts, he said God began to get hold of his conscience.

“I began to see that I really didn’t have all the knowledge in all of the universe,” Cameron said. “There could be evidence for the existence of a God that I didn’t know about.”

Cameron recalled facing an important question: “If God is real, are you willing to ask if He is?”

“All along I thought I was the big celebrity,” Cameron said. “You had to call my agent to get a hold of me. However, I begin to see that the Creator of the universe wants us to approach Him on His terms. He is the real celebrity.”

Cameron recalled his first conversation with God at the age of 18.

“I pulled over to the side of the road in my sports car and prayed for the first time in my life. I asked God that if He is real, to please show Himself to me and to also forgive me for not thanking Him for my life. I also prayed that God would make me into the man He wanted me to become,” Cameron said.

“At that moment, God humbled me,” Cameron said. “From that point on something changed in my heart and I desired to want to live a life full of thankfulness to God.

God began changing me from the inside and gave me a faith to believe in Him and to be obedient to Him.”

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