• November 29, 2017

Chapel speaker encourages students to turn to Christ for peace during busy Christmas season

Jo Saxton 2017

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 28, 2017) – College years can be filled with pressures of assignments, lack of money and relational problems that all seemed to crop up during the Christmas season, Jo Saxton told a California Baptist University chapel audience on Nov. 28.    

Saxton said turmoil she experienced during her college years caused her to seek refuge in unproductive means. But she said meeting Jesus in a real way began to impart peace to her soul as she learned about his loving attributes.

Saxton is the chair of the board for 3D Movements, a ministry that helps church leaders emphasize discipleship and mission work to their congregations.  

Saxton said Jesus provided the healing and answers she needed in her faith journey, and added that Jesus is more than the institutional Jesus or Jesus of the Nativity, who only comes out at Christmas.

“He is a Wonderful Counselor when you need someone to come alongside you in your life,” Saxton said. “Someone to tell you that you’re already enough, that you’re already worthy.”

Saxton encouraged students to look to Jesus to give them peace and not to let grades, jobs, or relationships overshadow their identity in God’s eyes as believers.

“I hope for you, in the midst of this chapter of life that you would know that peace is actually possible for you,” Saxton said. “The peace is yours because you’re already valuable.”

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