News • September 30, 2020

Intramurals still provide a way for CBU students to play and connect

Intramurals still provide a way for CBU students to play and connect

Students try to get a flying disc to hit or into the goal during Kan Jam intramurals.

Riverside, Calif. (Sept. 30, 2020) – This time of year, Jacob Klarke is usually playing intramural flag football at California Baptist University. Klarke, a business administration junior, said he has participated in almost every intramural sport offered at CBU, including basketball, football and volleyball.

“It is such a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships. It's also crazy fun for a competitive person like me,” Klarke said.

This fall, however, CBU had to adjust the way it conducted intramurals due to COVID-19. CBU’s Recreation is offering both esports and one-day, in-person tournaments.

Esports are essentially organized video game competitions, said Marnie Kavern, program coordinator of intramurals. Programming has included Rocket League (vehicular soccer), NFL Pick ‘Em and a virtual run.

“These events are designed to engage students who may be living off campus and have a desire to participate in CBU intramurals,” Kavern said.

In-person sports have minimal contact among participants to ensure proper distancing, Kavern said. Other precautions include limiting the number of participants and cleaning of the equipment. Tournaments include spikeball, soccer tennis, Kan Jam, pickleball and badminton.

Students have been grateful for programming to return, Kavern said.

“Recreation strives to create places that foster healthy relationships and cultivate community,” Kavern said. “Our goal is to demonstrate a sense of belonging to the university, and we have heard of and witnessed friendships created and maintained through intramurals.”

Last year, Marissa Hunter, an electrical and computer engineering sophomore, played a variety of intramurals, from dodgeball to flag football. This year she has played soccer tennis and Kan Jam.

“I’m excited that they are having intramurals this year,” Hunter said. “I really like sports in general and I like that intramurals allow me to do more than just one. Also the people are really great.”

Josiah Franklin, a Christian studies and business administration senior, has played soccer, basketball, volleyball, archery tag and ultimate Frisbee among others in past years.

“The main reasons I play intramurals are for the community it provides and for the sense of competition,” Franklin said. “When I was choosing what college to attend the thing that stood out to me the most was how important community was to CBU and that is what sold me in coming here.”

So far this year, Franklin has played spikeball, soccer tennis and Kan Jam and is looking forward to more.

“I was really saddened when it was announced that CBU would be going online, primarily because I was fearful that there would no longer be opportunities to play sports and have community with others,” Franklin said. “Even though they do not look like they did in years past, I am glad there is an option for something to play.”

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