News • November 11, 2019

Infants bring learning to life for CBU kinesiology class

Infants bring learning to life for CBU kinesiology classRiverside, Calif. (Nov. 11, 2019) – As infants rolled over and responded to their cheeks being stroked, students from California Baptist University watched closely, observing each of their movements. 

CBU students from the Lifelong Motor Development course (KIN 332) assessed babies, aged 1 year and under, for reflexes, spontaneous movements and other motor milestones on Oct. 21 during an infant lab. 

At the lab, students tried to distinguish whether or not a behavior was a reflex or a developing skill, said Lauri Hauck, visiting professor in the department of kinesiology at CBU. 

“One thing the students study is the physical development and neurological changes that take place in early childhood,” Hauck said “This lab allows the students to work on identifying the skills of reflexive behavior in an infant. It also challenges the students to demonstrate their understanding of rapid changes in early development.” 

Throughout the course, students will also participate in labs tailored to different age groups, such as children ages 3-10 and adults 65 and older.

“In the classroom, students are introduced to many different aspects of motor development across the lifespan,” Hauck said. “Through lectures, readings and in group projects, students study and master the content. These labs allow the students to demonstrate their knowledge, work cooperatively in a group setting, while identifying behaviors or skills in a live situation.” 

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