News • October 17, 2017

Infant lab at CBU brings babies to kinesiology class

Infant Lab CBU 2017

Riverside, Calif. (Oct. 16, 2017) – Students at California Baptist University had their Lifelong Motor Development course (KIN 332) come to life on Oct. 16 as they observed infants grabbing, sitting and behaving, well, like babies.

Groups of students assessed babies, aged one year and under, for reflexes, spontaneous movements and other motor milestones.

The infant lab is an opportunity for lessons to become tangible, said Lauri Hauck, visiting professor in the department of kinesiology at CBU.  Hauck said babies do not always move according to what the textbook says and the students need to assess why. Is the baby developmentally behind or is there another reason, such as they are tired or maybe the baby just woke up, Hauck added.

“In a classroom, it’s black and white. Here is the definition, be able to diagram it and take a test,” Hauck said. “Once you get into the field, the skill may not be easily observed.”

Soleil Smith, an exercise science senior, said observing the babies helped her visualize the information better.

“Observing babies in real life was very beneficial to identifying development patterns,” Smith said. “Seeing it helps us to put the concepts we’re learning in class together a little bit more.”

Throughout the semester, the course includes other labs tailored to different age groups such as children, teens and even older adults. These labs are intended to help students to learn about motor development as individuals develop and age, Hauck said.

“Christ has given us this vessel, this body, made to do His work. As kinesiology and exercise science students, what does that mean for us?” Hauck asked. “How do I help that patient or that client to regain mobility to serve Christ as we’re supposed to?”

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