News • March 15, 2023

Honors Exhibit features best work from art classes

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Riverside, Calif. (March 14, 2023) – Artwork fill the walls and space of the Rose Garden Chapel Gallery for the annual Honors Exhibit. Comprised of more than 100 pieces of various media created by about 45 California Baptist University students, this event is the largest art event of the year.

Kristine Lippire, professor of fine art, started the gallery event 11 years ago to promote creativity among her students.

“It was an exhibition I wanted to have that highlighted the best art being made in all of our classes regardless of their major,” Lippire said. “It just promoted creativity and allowed students to feel good about their skill level, even if they weren’t an art major.”

The exhibit features the best art pieces from different classes, chosen by professors. It spans the time since the last Honors Exhibit, featuring pieces from last spring as well as the fall 2022 semester and the current semester.

Carinna Zinzer, a graphic design and visual experience sophomore, has three art pieces in the exhibit from her Principles of Design and Color class. Her favorite project is a piece inspired by a skydiving trip she took. The piece consists of 30 square pictures that come together to make a larger picture.

“There are actual pictures of me in it,” Zinzer said. “It’s a very personal piece and is based on my experiences. I was really proud of that one.”

Zinzer said she does plenty of research, planning and sketching to prep for a project. Showcasing her work at the exhibit provides her with an opportunity to share work that takes a large amount of time to put together and that will hopefully inspire other students.

“(I am inspired by) the world around me,” Zinzer said. “I feel inspired by nature — really, God’s creation because He’s the ultimate creator.”

Malea Valdez, a fine art sophomore, has several pieces in the exhibit, including paintings and ceramics. She loves the community that the Honors Exhibit fosters.

“I think it motivates people to continue to grow,” Valdez said. “It’s really cool also as a student at CBU to be able to allow people to showcase what they are passionate about. Last year, I was learning about what it looks like to be a creator who has been created by the ultimate Creator. … Being able to utilize the gifts He’s given you is such an awesome way of worship, and I think that’s a really cool way for CBU to display that.”

The opening reception will also feature awards, including best painting, best drawing, best mixed media piece and a people’s choice award for which attendees vote. Lippire emphasized that this event is especially important for students who are not art majors as they can see their work displayed and recognized.

“Students bring family,” Lippire said. “They bring friends. All that work you do to make something and then to see it held up for other people to look at is the icing on the cake. The whole point of making work is to show it to people, and this is their one chance to do it if they’re not an art major.”

For Lippire, the part of the Honors Exhibit she is most looking forward to is seeing her students take the time to reflect on their work, be proud of it and celebrate what they have accomplished.

“In years past, everyone is surprised at how much talent there is here on CBU’s campus,” Lippire said. “We’re a very small department, but we make really amazing work in our classes, so it’s just a way to talk about how we’re small, but we’re mighty.”

Honors Exhibit

Rose Garden Chapel Gallery

Open Reception: 6-9 p.m. March 15

Exhibit: March 16-30. Monday-Wednesday, Friday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Thursday: Noon-6 p.m.



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