News • February 05, 2021

Faith & Enterprise lecturer talks about being on a journey with God

Faith & Enterprise lecturer talks about being on a journey with God  Riverside, Calif. (Feb. 5, 2021) – While the COVID-19 pandemic is a struggle for many college students, God chose them to live during this time for a reason, John Rinehart told a California Baptist University audience on Feb. 3.

Rinehart spoke as part of the Faith & Enterprise series hosted virtually by the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business.

“You were made for this time. You were made for the coronavirus, for being a college student right now. It’s all part of your story,” Rinehart said. “Go slay a giant, go all in and find your calling. Go on the journey and connect the dots. Do not settle because the world is yelling for you to settle.”

Rinehart is an author, speaker and the founder of Gospel Patrons, a group of Christian business leaders who support those proclaiming the gospel.

Using his own story and the story of King David, Rinehart talked about college students going on the journey that God has placed them on.

David was not who everyone thought God would use as king, Rinehart said. He was the youngest son of Jesse who liked to be with the sheep, but God saw David’s heart.

“We see that this was David’s lightning bolt moment, the moment when he found out what he was destined to do,” Rinehart said.

In Rinehart’s own life, God used puzzle pieces to lead him down God’s intended path for him, which was different than the one he expected, Rinehart said.

After college, Rinehart saved every penny he could spare to climb out of debt. Although he had 15 years to pay off his debt, he accomplished it within 18 months. Once this goal was reached, he realized he wanted to do more than just make money, Rinehart said. He wanted to follow God.

“I wanted to learn to walk by faith,” Rinehart said. He and his wife took the money they had saved for a house and traveled for four months to see what God is doing in the world.

It was during this time that Rinehart heard about a group of Christian business leaders supporting those who share the gospel. Rinehart, who had a business degree from Biola University, felt inspired hearing about this group. He was led to found Gospel Patrons and write a book about the topic.

“God loves to align your calling with your strengths and desires,” Rinehart said. “God will either give you the desires of your heart or will change the desires of your heart.”


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