News • February 19, 2019

Chapel speaker encourages audience to trust Jesus in the midst of life’s storms

Chapel speaker encourages audience to trust Jesus in the midst of life’s storms

Riverside, Calif. (Feb. 19, 2019) – Jesus is trustworthy, D.A. Horton declared to a chapel audience at California Baptist University on Feb. 19.

“I don’t know what God has in store for you when you leave chapel today, but I do know that He wants you to come to Him,” Horton said.

Horton is pastor of Reach Fellowship located in Long Beach, California. He is also a chief evangelist for the Urban Youth Workers Institute, a nonprofit that trains urban youth workers to evangelize and disciple at-risk youth throughout the U.S. Prior to becoming a pastor, Horton was the executive director at Reach Records a production company that aims to use rap music as a way to preach the Good News.

Horton taught from the Gospel accounts that record Jesus’ miracle of walking on water.

Before that miracle, Jesus sent his disciples on a journey that would lead them directly into a storm, Horton said.

“Complications prevented the disciples from getting to the other side of the lake,” Horton said. “This was all a part of God’s will. The scriptures say that in the midst of their struggles, ‘Jesus saw his disciples struggling.’”

Jesus also sees when believers are struggling in life, when they are crying, when they do not see a way out of their storm in life, Horton said.

“Jesus will never leave you or forsake you,” Horton said. “Even in the lowest points of your life, Jesus sees you and wants to have fellowship with you in that storm.” 

The disciples had reached a point where no resources and no people would help them with the storm they were facing, Horton said.

“When Jesus appeared to His disciples He declared that, ‘It is I, do not be afraid,” Horton said. “He reminded them that—He is God—and He was with them in the storm—and that He was going to take care of them.”

Storms in life allow believers to develop spiritual maturity, Horton said. Christians mature as they are forged through fire, he added.

“If there is one point I want you to leave with today, it is that Jesus is trustworthy. Turn to Jesus let Him be the center of all your pursuits,” Horton said.

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