News • November 04, 2022

College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design marks 10 years

College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design marks 10 years

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 3, 2022) – The College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design (CAVAD) at California Baptist University marked its 10th anniversary this fall.

The college started in 2012 with 173 students in three programs — art, film studies and graphic design. Today it has nearly 600 students and has added six additional programs: architecture, photography, illustration, interior design, art therapy studies and art education.

Mark Roberson, founding dean of CAVAD, said the program has changed a great deal and has grown from being a new kid on the block to a growing and respected force for Christian art and design in the United States.

“We uniquely prepare our graduates to live lives of kingdom impact in their chosen professions through a very strong, college-wide, faith integration system,” Roberson said.

The college is deeply respected across the spectrum of creative professions, he said.

“We have been able to see the accomplishments for our students, faculty and programs that have been beyond our hopes and expectations,” Roberson said. “CAVAD has grown into one of the biggest and most comprehensive art and design colleges at a Christian university in America.”

Bethany Brodwolf (‘22), who works at U Brands, said CAVAD was the place where she discovered who she was as an artist.

College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design marks 10 years

“Through the wisdom of my professors, CAVAD was where I decided to explore and embrace what I could uniquely bring to the table with my work,” Brodwolf said. “CAVAD prepared me to be a better designer in the real world by teaching me to celebrate others’ victories and know that the best thing I can do is be the unique artist God made me to be.”

The architecture program is now the largest such program at a religious university in the U.S. and has achieved full accreditation, Roberson said.

“Our architecture students have won regional and state design competitions, been named top in the country and received nationally competitive scholarships,” he said. “Additionally, our graphic design and illustration students have won multiple national gold ADDY awards, and our photography students have won major national and international awards.”

Andriani Sugianto (‘21) pursued a degree in architecture from CAVAD and said the program played a primary role in laying the foundation for her career. She works at SOM as a junior designer.

“CAVAD truly transformed my understanding of creativity and God, exposing me to the deep intertwining of what I once thought were two very separate things,” Sugianto said. “I strive to implement this renewed, Christ-centered mindset toward creativity.”

Dirk Dallas, program lead for graphic design and visual experience, has been part of the CAVAD faculty since day one. He said it has been a privilege to serve alongside so many gifted faculty members and to mentor talented young creatives.

“Under the CAVAD umbrella, we sought to design a unique, well-rounded interdisciplinary education through the Christian worldview,” Dallas said. “Through our approach, we have helped our students develop a richer understanding of truth, goodness and beauty so they can better influence, engage and inspire the world around them.”

Roberson hopes in another 10 years that CAVAD will be leading and shaping the conversation on Christian architecture, art, design and film in large ways.

“My deepest hope is that we will continue to be better at raising up and training leaders who go out into the world and proclaim the kingdom in and through their creative lives and professions,” he said.

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