News • November 07, 2016

Chapel kicks off homecoming weekend at CBU

Josh Daffern

Riverside, Calif. (Nov. 4, 2016) – California Baptist University started off Homecoming 2016 on Nov. 4 with chapel service that featured Christian band The Digital Age and Pastor Josh Daffern (’99).

The Digital Age, from Waco, Texas, performed lively worship music that got students clapping their hands and stomping their feet through several songs. Then Daffern, a pastor at MTV church in Columbus, Mississippi, shared a message on how students can have a positive influence on the future of Christianity.

Believers need to be disciples of Jesus rather than stereotypical Christians—and there is a difference, Daffern said.

“What the world needs is an uprising of disciples, people who live a radical life, who look a lot like the chief rebel and the chief instigator of our faith—Jesus,” Daffern said.

Disciples not only agree with the teachings of Jesus, they obey them, he said.

“[Jesus] said it’s not enough to agree with the words of Scripture, you have to obey them as well,” Daffern said.

Daffern challenged students to help change the perception of Christianity by living out Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, such as not judging others, turning the other cheek and praying for their enemies.

A disciple also needs to depend on the Holy Spirit, Daffern said.

“You cannot live out the Sermon on the Mount on your own power. It’s too difficult and will leave you frustrated and disillusioned,” Daffern said. “We have to learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit, like the early church depended on the Holy Spirit.”

A disciple also runs toward the messes, said Daffern.

“God doesn’t love us because we’re good. God loves us because we’re His,” Daffern said. “God has children all over this planet who are hurting … and as the hands and feet of Jesus, He wants us to run toward the messes.”

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